Collaboration Job Developers Documentation

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM).  |    System Manager / DevOps  |  5.1 & Higher This feature is related to 5.1 and higher.

Journey Manager comes with rich API that developers can use to build complex collaboration jobs. The API documentation is available at:

Services guide

The services guide shows how to create custom Groovy job actions and services that are referenced by collaboration jobs.

For more information, see SDK version specific documentation, for example the SDK v19.05 services guide.


To access the developers documentation, check our Services Guide online or select Services > Transact Services Guide, if you are using Manager version prior to 19.11.

Core API

The Core API contains collaboration job API that developers can use to create custom build solutions.


To access the developers documentation, download Core API Javadoc from our community web site or select Services > Core API Javadoc, if you are using Manager version prior to 19.11.

The collaboration job API comprises the following packages and classes:

Package: com.avoka.fc.core.service.job

Provides collaboration jobs Service classes.

Package: com.avoka.fc.core.service.job.config

Provides collaboration job process map configuration classes. JSON attributes definitions used by the JobDef, StepDef and ActionDef classes.

Package: com.avoka.fc.core.service.job.impl

Provides collaboration jobs service classes.

Job Action Property Functions

Class: JobFunctions

Provides Job Definition functions which can be called during the evaluation of a job action property value.

Job Action Properties

The job action properties for the predefined job action service type.

Utility Classes

class: JobPropertyUtils

Provides a utility class with common methods called by Job Action Services and JobFunction.

Example of a useful methods are shown below.

static Submission getStepSubmission(Job job, String stepName) - return the first submission for the given step name or null if not found.

static List<Submission> getSubmissionsForStep(Job job, String stepName) - returns a List of submissions, in id order, for the job and given step name or and empty List.

class: ActionStepProperties

Provides a class to resolve action step properties.

This contains the methods that get the property value by merging the velocity template with model elements. The following are the velocity model info:

$formDataMap - this holds all the form Data Extracts. Note Route Name is automatically added to be available in the data extracts, for example, $formDataMap.routeName

$job - this holds the job instance.

$jobAction - this holds the current JobAction instance so we can get the current step, for example, $jobAction.stepName.

$func - this provides job functions. For more information, see JobFunctions API.

Package: com.avoka.fc.core.entity

Provides the SmartForm Manager entity classes. Details fields and methods in the Job, JobStep, JobAction and Submission Entities. These are used in the Velocity template substitutions.

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