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Delete a Component

   MaestroPreviously known as Transact Maestro.  |    Form Builder  |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

Journey Maestro allows you to delete a specific component or a component version, if it is not required any more.


Once you have deleted a component, you can’t undo this, because Journey Maestro removes the component permanently. Therefore, you should consider all possible impact of deleting a component because it can affect many, or even all, forms using this component.

Journey Maestro provides several methods to delete a component from a form:

  1. Delete button
    • Select the component from the View panel (for Maestro prior to v18.10, Structure panel) or select it directly on the form.
    • Click Delete on the toolbar.
  1. Right-click menu
    • Right-click the component in the View panel (for Maestro prior to v18.10, Structure panel) or right-click it directly on the form.
    • Click Delete.
  1. Keyboard Delete button
    • Select the component from the View panel (Structure panel prior to Maestro v18.05) or directly on the form
    • Click Delete on your keyboard.
  1. Delete Version button
    • Open a project in your organization.
    • Select the component in the Navigator panel.
    • Select the version to delete in the Versions tab.
    • Click Delete Version and click OK to confirm your decision. The selected component version is deleted. If the component you are about to delete is referenced by any component, you must select one of the followings in a confirmation dialog, shown below:
    • Review to check an impact analysis which lists any references to the component you want to delete.
    • Click Accept and Continue to delete the selected component. It keeps any references to the deleted component, so you need to make changes in the form as required.
    • Click Cancel to closes the dialog and not delete the component.
    • Continue to delete the component, without reviewing the current references. Any references to the deleted component remain in the form, so you update or remove these references manually.
    • Cancel to close the dialog and keep the component.

Next, learn how to create a component version.