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Avoka Exchange All Package Listing

Avoka Exchange Packages are released in waves, with a new wave about every 3-4 months. The following sections show packages that are:

  1. Already published and available
  2. Prioritized for development
  3. Under consideration for the next wave
  4. Unscheduled

Getting Access to Exchange Packages

If you'd like access to any of the available packages please send an email request to the Exchange team with the following details to:

  1. Customer: the customer account where the package will be used
  2. TM Version: the version of Transact Manager in use
  3. Use Case: a brief description of the use case being targeted

Published and Available

Package Code
Package Name
AdobeSign AdobeSign Electronic signature capture using the AdobeSign service
au10tix Au10tix A global identity verification solution that authenticates and validates ID documents by processing document images in real-time.
clickswitch ClickSWITCH An automated account switching solution that quicklysafely and efficiently switches account holders recurring payments from their old accounts to new ones.
companieshouse Companies House API The Companies House API is a free REST based service offered by the UK government to provide information relating to UK companies.
corelogic CoreLogic Providing property information for Australian real-estate
creditsense Credit Sense Value added service for the Australian and Canadian markets, based on Yodlee and providing more accurate categorization of transactions and a financial profile report.
danal.mobileid Danal Mobile Identity Automatically fill personal details into a form using the billing data from the mobile carrier
docusign DocuSign Electronic signature capture using the DocuSign service
emailage Emailage Global fraud check based on email address.

Equifax Business Lookup

Provides lookup capabilities for Australian businesses and organisations using the Equifax OrgID, CBO and Company Report services

Equifax IDMatrix

Real-time identity verification of Australian individuals using the Equifax IDMatrix service
esignlive eSignLive Electronic signature capture using the Vasco eSignLive service
experian.dataquality Experian Data Quality Global address lookup and autocomplete using the Experian Data Quality APIs (formerly QAS)
facebook Facebook Auto-fill personal information into a form from a Facebook account.
fis.chexsystems FIS ChexSystems

Integrates the FIS ChexSystems to support QualiFile (for individual risk scoring for deposit account opening in the US), OFAC, Identity Verification (IDV) and Identity Authorization (IDA - out-of-wallet questions)

fis.chexsystems-TIF fis.chexsystems-TIF Integrates the FIS ChexSystems to support QualiFile (for individual risk scoring for deposit account opening in the US), OFAC, Identity Verification (IDV) and Identity Authorization (IDA - out-of-wallet questions)
google.maps Google Maps Integrates the Google Maps APIs for geolocation and locality lookup capabilities
google.places Google Places Global address lookup and autocomplete using the Google Places API Australian Government Extensions Components and integrations relevant to the Australian Government including a number of basic checksum validation fields and some more advanced dynamic lookups of Australian businesses and Superannuation Funds.
infiniteloop-regcheck Infinite Loop - Reg Check Motor vehicle lookup based on registration plate number
inivio.imp Inivio Marketing Portal (IMP) Data validation services for Australian Address, Phone and Email using the Inivio Marketing Portal APIs
iovation Iovation Global fraud prevention service using device-based intelligence along with application data.
lexisnexis.instantid LexisNexis InstantID Online identity verification services for US individuals using the LexisNexis InstantID and InstantID Q&A services.
lexisnexis.trueid LexisNexis TrueID

US ID document scanning for prefill and document authenticity using the LexisNexis TrueID service.

linkedin LinkedIn Prefill a form with personal information retrieved from the users LinkedIn profile
liveperson LivePerson (LiveEngage) Integrates LivePerson chat into forms for real-time customer service scenarios
Loqate (Previously pca.predict) PCA Predict International address, phone number and email validation using Loqate APIs (formerly Postcode Anywhere)
mastersoft.harmony Mastersoft Harmony Provides Australian & New Zealand address, phone number and email validation services.
melissa Melissa Global Intelligence Global address search, auto-complete and verification services.
mitek.mobileweb Mitek MobileWeb Prefill forms by taking a photo of a US Driver's License
mitek.tiden Mitek Tiden Prefill forms by taking a photo of a Driver's License


Plaid makes it easy to access high-quality transaction data, validate account ownership, and mitigate risks in a user-friendly way
salemove SaleMove SaleMove's powerful cloud platform provides one-click web chat, audio chat, video chat and co-browsing.
tis Top Image Systems Australian Driver's License scan for information prefill

Trulioo GlobalGateway

International online identity verification using the Trulioo GlobalGateway service.
vixverify.greenid VIX Verify greenID Australian electronic identity verification using the VIX Verify greenID service
yodlee Yodlee Account verification and account aggregation services using the direct Yodlee APIs
zillow Zillow

Facilitates integration to the Zillow APIs for the purposes of US property valuation estimates.


Prioritized for Development

Important Note: Despite our best efforts, Avoka makes no commitment to delivery of new integration packages in the targeted time-frames. This list represents our intended schedule at a point in time and undergoes frequent review and adjustment. Project teams should not build any dependency or reliance on these time-frames into their implementation plans.

The following packages are prioritized for development and public release between now and end of December 2018.

FISChexs Systems Identity verification services support QualiFile (for individual risk scoring for deposit account opening in the US), OFAC, Identity Verification (IDV) and Identity Authorization (IDA - out-of-wallet questions)
Google reCapcha Free service by Google that uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.
Amazon SNS Design 2nd-factor auth to enter applications and open text messages.
Lexis Nexis KYB Business instantID
Iovation - re-build Global fraud prevention service using device-based intelligence along with application data.
Mastersoft Harmony - Regression Regression Suit that covers UI and API calls for over 50 scenarios.
VixGreenID - Regression Regression Suit that covers UI and API calls for over 30 scenarios.
Google.Places - Regression Regression Suit that covers UI and API calls for over 30 scenarios.
Equifax IDMatrix - Regression Regression Suit that covers UI and API calls for over 30 scenarios.
FISChecks Systems - Regression Regression Suit that covers UI and API calls for over 30 scenarios.


Under Consideration For The Next Wave

The next wave is scheduled for completion in March 2019. The following packages are under consideration for this release cycle:

Bureau van Dijk Global service providing company intelligence -
DanalMobile Identity Extend the Danalintegration to include additional mobile identity services -
Early Warning Online payments -
DigitalID National identity verification service offered by Australia Post called DigitalID -
Canada Post International address finder using the Canada Post Web Service APIs -
Equifax IDFS Integrates Equifax Identity and Fraud Solutions for real-time fraud checks (using Iovation), IDV and IDA.
Experian Powercurve Experian's Decision Management Solution -
Experian CrossCore The Experian CrossCore platform unifies a bunch of fraud and identity services into a single service - includes FraudNet, ID services and other 3rd party capabilities such as biometrics.

FaceMe is an omni-channel virtual assistant platform -

Fiserv FundNow OpenNow®/FundNow® from Fiserv supports instant account opening and funding. -
Glass's Guide Vehicle information services using the Glass's Automotive Business Intelligence system.
Mambu Integration with the Mambu Saas Core Banking platform for straight-through-processing of product applications -
Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics lead generation
QBE LMI QBE Lenders Mortgage Insurance API provides LMI premium estimates for the Australian market.
ID Analytics ID Analytics provides Credit and Fraud Risk Solutions & Analytics -
SuperMatch 2 SuperMatch 2 is an API provided by the Australian Tax Office to find Superannuation accounts registered against an individual
Transunion Integrate directly to the TransUnion Bureau
ThreatMetrix Fraud prevention using the ThreatMetrix suite of services -
Trulioo KYB Trulioo KYB is KYC for businesses, a global service used to verify businesses entities in real time.
Vantiv Online payments -
Vix Verify GreenID v3 API Update Upgrade the GreenId package to support version 3 of their APIs -



The following packages have been identified as candidates for future cycles, but are not yet scheduled for delivery.

Apple Pay Register credit cards with Apple Pay at the time of online application approval for immediate use.
Auraya Armorvox Biometric voice signature using the Auraya Armorvox service.
Proviso API based income verification for the Australian market using the service
Cameo Individual profiling and classification using the Cameo Online services.
Celebrus Analytics An outgoing integration to Celebrus Big Data Analytics service.
Credit Reform German based credit and insolvency information services -
DataVerify IDV, Income verification and employment verification using the DataVerify services.
Delux Switchagent SwitchAgent makes switching financial institutions in the US quick and easy.
DirectID DirectID combines bank verification, live financial data, bureau checks and document authentication in a single platform.
Equifax Interconnect Integrates Equifax federated Bureau, decisioning and identity checks into the Avoka platform
Facebook Continued Flow Prefill an Avoka form from a Facebook lead capture form.
Google Plus Data prefill from an individuals Google Plus profile
IDNow European digital identification service supporting real-time video chat and e-signatures -
Ignite Sales Product recommendations & cross selling engine.
IKO Swiss based credit services -
InAuth InBrowser Fraud prevention service utilizing java script collectors, InBrowser provides device identification and risk assessment.
KickFire IP address intelligence
LiveAgent Web chat using the Salesforce LiveAgent service.
Olark Web chat using the Olark service.
OpinionLab Customer feedback engine.
SAP SMS Globla SMS messaging using the SAP SMS 365 service

German based risk / trust services for individuals and businesses including credit, fraud & compliance, decisioning -

Socure US identity verification service based on social bometrics as well as offline data
Stripe Stripe Payments is a payment service specifically designed for internet transactions.
Symitar Core banking platform used by 40% of credit unions in the US.
Teminos Core banking provider.
Tokenex Pass sensitive information off to TokenEx and store a secure token in its place.
Twillow Global SMS API
Vasco 2FA Vasco 2 factor authentication services.
Equifax DP3

Integrates Veda Bureau, decisioning and identity checks into the Avoka platform using the Decision Point 3 platform.

Verifier Income Verification (a Dunn & Bradstreet FinTech partner)
WebId German based real-time video chat identification service -
Yodlee ACH Yodlee's Account Clearing House (ACH) service
ZEK Swiss based credit services -
Zoot Real-time decisioning system.