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Avoka Exchange Developer Resources

   Exchange This topic is related to the Avoka Exchange.  |   Platform Developer |  v5.0 & Higher   This feature is related to v5.0 and higher.

Before starting your package development we strongly recommend you review the following articles:

  • Getting Started with Fluent Groovy Services
  • Ensure you have your IDE configured and you've gone through the Hello World Example.

  • Transact Fluent API Reference
  • Read through this API reference in detail. It doesn't take long but it is important to understand the capabilities that are provided in the API.

  • Avoka Exchange Certification
  • Ensure you understand what is required to get your package certified.

  • The Exchange Domain Shared Code Library
  • A library of reusable Groovy classes that are used extensively by the Avoka Exchange team.

  • Coding Conventions & Practices
  • It is strongly recommended that you use these conventions and practices in your development effort.

  • Techniques for Solving Common Requirements
  • Some handy tips for dealing with common scenarios in Groovy.

  • Working with the Avoka Exchange Sandbox Environment
  • The sandbox environment is available for you to use during your development, to publish and test your solution.

  • Accessing the Avoka Exchange GIT Repository
  • You are required to push your project source file to the Avoka Exchange GIT Repository prior to the certification process.