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The Exchange Domain Shared Code Library (for Fluent SDK 5.x)

   Exchange This topic is related to the Avoka Exchange.  |   Platform Developer |  v5.0 & Higher   This feature is related to v5.0 and higher.

A shared code library is published by the Exchange team that encapsulates functionality relating to commonly encountered tasks, including:

  • Providing response data from Dynamic Data Services and consistency on communicating errors back to the client.
  • Dealing with addresses in short or long format and standardizing the API to address lookup services.
  • Performing data transformations using the Groovy Template Engines.
  • Generating IDs using a range of casing strategies.

These capabilities are provided as a set of Groovy classes that can be referenced in your Groovy services using the fileIncludes directive. See Configuring Service Definitions with service-def.json for more information.

Shared Code Library