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Apply for a Partner Account

   Exchange This topic is related to the Avoka Exchange.  |   Platform Developer |  v5.0 & Higher   This feature is related to v5.0 and higher.

In order to participate in the Avoka Exchange you will need to gain access to our partner resources by applying for a partner account.

How to apply

To apply for a partner account simply complete the following application form.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Your contact and organization details
  • A description of the package you'd like to produce
  • Common use cases being targeted by the package


Who can apply?

Any team wishing to build a package for publishing on the Avoka Exchange, or enhance an existing package, is eligible to apply for a partner account, including:

  • Journey Platform implementation teams producing reusable integrations to new 3rd party systems.
  • 3rd party vendors wishing to build a connector to their own system.
  • Internal teams producing generic and reusable assets that would benefit the broader community.


Partner benefits

As an Exchange Partner you will receive access to the following resources:

  • Product documentation, knowledge base and community forum.
  • Self-paced online training courses.
  • The Journey SDK.
  • The Journey Maestro design tool and a sandboxManager environment to develop against.
  • An Exchange hosted GIT repository for you to push your solution prior to certification.