Package Listing

Avoka Exchange Overview

The Avoka Exchange is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka Transact.

These integration packages are made available to Avoka customers for use in their online engagement solutions.

A list of published and available packages is maintained on: Avoka Exchange Package Listing

Exchange Partnership

Interested in becoming an Avoka Exchange Partner and publishing your own solutions?

The Avoka Exchange Partner Program is designed to allow your team to participate in the Avoka Exchange service by developing, certifying and publishing your own solutions. Find out what is involved:

Exchange Certification

Get your package certified by Avoka before it can be made active on the Avoka Exchange and available to the Avoka Transact User Community.

Here's how: Avoka Exchange Certification

Exchange Developer Resources

Looking for answers as you develop? Let us assist you to get your Avoka Exchange package built, certified and published to the Avoka Transact User Community.

We've got some important tips and guidelines that are a great place to start: Avoka Developer Resources

Change Request Form

Raise a request to the Exchange development team.

New features, new integrations and defects can be assigned to the team using our: Change Request Form