Assign Form Spaces to a Form

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Platform Developer  |   v18.11 This feature was updated in v18.11.

Manager allows you to assign form spaces to a form and configure user access to the form.

To assign a form space to a form:

  1. Select Forms > Forms.
  2. Locate a form and click Edit.
  3. Select the Spaces tab to see the current form spaces assigned to this form and their configuration.
  4. Click New to assign a form space.
  5. Select a form space from the Form Space dropdown list.
  6. If you want anonymous users to access the form space, enable Anonymous Access.
  7. If you only want authenticated users to access the form space, enable Authenticated Access.
  8. Note

    You can select both the Anonymous Access and Authenticated Access. However, if the access authorized at the form space level is different to that one set at a form level, a warning message will be shown in the Auth Warning column for the selected space.

  9. Select a transaction licensing type from the Transaction Licensing dropdown list to specify whether this form in this form space is licensed for Internal (business stuff) or External (customer) transactions. Leave this field blank to use the form space's Internal Transaction licensing configuration.  |   v18.11 This feature was introduced in v18.11.
  10. Click Save to update the changes.

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