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Form Spaces Overview

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   System Manager / DevOps |   Updated in v18.11 This feature was updated in v18.11.

Manager provides form spaces that are used to host forms and expose them to users, handle form requests, such as form submissions, list tasks assigned to users, and perform user authentication. You can configure a form space to define whether hosted forms require authentication or not by selecting a security manager and authentication mode.

Manager comes with the following default form spaces, which you can opt in or out during Manager installation:


Salesforce is the form space you can use to integrate with Salesforce backend.


Salesforce is the form space to enable integration with Salesforce.

TransactField App

TransactField App is the business field work personnel form space that allows working offline. It provides a mobile app and PC application which enables business field staff to complete forms offline. Once online, the application allows them to sync their work with the Manager server, and receive new work tasks to complete. TransactField App supports authenticated users only.

Web Plug-in

Web Plug-in is the default form space for forms to be discovered and linked to public web sites. It provides a form space for customer facing sales and service transactions. It is linked from your (organization) website, but can also be embedded on your website if the form is fairly small. Web Plugin supports unauthenticated and authenticated users. Maestro requires this form space for building and publishing form versions.

Work Space

Work Space is the business staff form space that allows them to perform work group functions. It provides a form space for business staff working on tasks, jobs, completing ad-hoc forms, and providing help desk support. The work space is generally used by authenticated users but also supports unauthenticated transactions as well.


You should use the Work Spaces instead.

You can install the following pre-configured form spaces:

Work Spaces

Work Spaces is the recommended form space for the business staff to perform work group functions.  |   v18.11 This feature was introduced in v18.11.


Maguire is the example of self-service form space.  |  Removed in v18.05 This feature was removed in v18.05.

Every form in the Journey platform is associated with one or more configured form spaces. If a form is associated with multiple form spaces, the form and all its saved and completed submissions will be visible and available to all of those spaces.

A form space can be licensed for internal and external transactions depending on the customer license agreement. You can generate transaction licensing reports to view internal and external transaction trends.

To create a new form space, you can import it as a WARWAR file (Web Application Resource or Web application ARchive) is a file used to distribute a collection of JAR-files, JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, Java classes, XML files, tag libraries, static web pages (HTML and related files) and other resources that together constitute a web application. file. You can then promote it from one environment to another.


Manager comes with a number of modules, which configuration might look similar to form spaces. However, modules are very different to form spaces, and you can think of them as the separate products deployed in Manager.

Next, learn how to view form spaces.