Data Extract Elements

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Platform Developer |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

Manager provides the set of elements to access underlying data model, such as form data extracts, which you can use in forms and collaboration jobs to get elements runtime values.


We use of camel case notation when referring to the data extract references, for example, $formDataMap.firstName for the First Name.

The main data extract elements are listed below.


This element holds all the form data extracts, so you can use $formDataMap.firstName to access the first name of a user entered into a form. A collaboration job processing automatically adds a Route Name, so it's available in the data extracts as $formDataMap.routeName. Where a submission is not defined for an action service, it uses the data extracts from the previous or the start submission. A typical usage is shown below.

{ "name": "Task Subject", "value": "Initial review of ${job.referenceNumber} from ${formDataMap.firstName} ${formDataMap.lastName}" }
{ "name": "Task Subject", "value": "Job Number: $job.referenceNumber $submission.form.formName From $formDataMap.firstName $formDataMap.lastName" }
{ "name": "Task Subject", "value": "Job Number: $job.referenceNumber $submission.form.formName From $formDataMap.firstName $formDataMap.lastName" }
{ "name": "Task Subject", "value": "Job Number: $job.referenceNumber From $" }


This element holds the job entity instance where:

  • ${} is the job name
  • ${job.referenceNumber} is the job number
  • ${job.submission.formName} gets the form name of the first submission.

A typical usage is shown below.

{ "name": "Process Message Text", "value": "Your ${job.submission.formName} application is at the Initial Review Step" },
{ "name": "Task Message", "value": "Review of the ${job.referenceNumber} from ${formDataMap.firstName} ${formDataMap.lastName}." }


This element holds the current collaboration job action entity instance. You can get the current step's name by using $, as shown below.

{ "name": "Task Subject", "value": "${} of ${job.referenceNumber} from ${formDataMap.firstName} ${formDataMap.lastName}" }


This element provides various functions for there is a list JobFunctions in the API .

A typical usage is shown below.

{ "name": "Task Form Code", "value": "$func.startFormCode()" }
{ "name": "Task Assign Group", "value": "$func.formProperty('Initial Review')" }

Next, learn how to configure component data extracts.