View Form Version Promotions

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Platform Developer  |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

Manager allows you to view forms that have been promoted to different statuses and change a form status according to the form development life cycle.

To view promoted forms, select Forms > Form Version Promotions.

Forms are shown page by page, with the maximum number of records per page configured in the users preferences.

To filter or search the forms by one or more criteria, specify the following settings and click Search:

  • Form name or part of a name.
  • Form status that can be one of the following:
    • Development
    • Ready For Test
    • Test Failed
    • Test Passed
    • Ready For Production
    • Not Ready For Production
    • Production
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Show history

Click Clear to reset the search criteria.

Click Export Data to export the displayed data as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file.

To promote the form version:

  1. Select Forms > Form Version Promotions.
  2. Locate a form and click Edit.
  3. Select a form version.
  4. Select the Promotion Status.
  5. Provide the Promotion Notes.
  6. Click Save to update the changes.

Click View Form Details to see the form version details.

Click Export Form Version Archive to export a form version.

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