Build a TM Form Version

   MaestroPreviously known as Transact Maestro. Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Form BuilderPlatform Developer  |   v19.05 This feature was updated in v19.05.

After you have developed a form to your requirements, previewed and tested it, you need to host it on a form space in Journey Manager so the form will become available to form applicants.

Maestro allows you to build a form as a TM Form Version ZIP file, which includes a FAR file, the form and all related assets, so you can easily deploy it in Journey Manager. You build the form the same tool you use to develop the form - the Maestro editor, which is handy and saves you time.

You don't need to deploy a TM Form Version ZIP file right away - you can build and review it first, and import it later into Manager when you need to. Usually, you import the TM Form Version ZIP file to Test or UAT environments, then you promote a form to a production environment by exporting and importing it using Manager's functionality.

To build the TM Form Version of a Maestro form:

  1. Open a form in the Maestro editor and select one of the following options from the Build dropdown menu:
  2. Maestro editor build functionality

  3. Click Build to build a TM Form Version. This doesn't download the TM Form Version or display the rendered form, which is useful when you are re-building and updating a TM Form Version that has already been imported into Journey Manager.
  4. Click Build and Download TM Form Version to build a TM Form Version and then immediately download the ZIP file needed to import the Form Version into Manager.
  5. Click Build and Render Form to build a TM Form Version and render the form in a new tab. You can download the TM Form Version later from the Management Dashboard. This option is handy when you need to view or test a rendered version of the form.
  6. Click Build with Options to apply the following options before building the TM Form Version. Once the TM Form Version is built, you can choose to download or view the rendered form.
  7. The available options are below:

Once a TM Form Version is built, you can download it at any time from the Maestro Management Dashboard using the Download JM Form Version option.

When building the TM Form Version, you may encounter some common errors, which you can resolve yourself.

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