Build TM Form Version

   MaestroPreviously known as Transact Maestro. Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Form BuilderPlatform Developer  |   v17.10 This feature was updated in v17.10.

The TM Form Version is the name given to the zip file that is created in Maestro that prepares a Maestro form and all its assets to be migrated to Journey Manager. Building the form version is part of the process of migrating a form from Maestro to Journey Manager.

The TM Form Version is a FAR file that is included in a zip file. Once the TM Form Version has been built in Maestro, it can then be imported to TM and configured as needed. When building the TM Form Version, it is important to note some of the common errors that can arise during the build process.

To build the TM Form Version of a Maestro form, Open the form > Select the Build button dropdown menu > Click Build and Download TM Form Version.

In addition to the Build and Download TM Form Version option, the Build button offers several other options.

Maestro Build Button

The Build button allows you to:

  1. Build a form version that can be downloaded for import into Journey Manager.
  2. Build a form version which can be quickly viewed and downloaded later

There are four options available from the Build button dropdown menu.

Build - Clicking the Build button (not the dropdown menu) will build the TM Form Version. This will not download the TM Form Version or display the rendered form. This option is useful when you are re-building and updating a TM Form Version that has already been imported into Journey Manager.

Build and Download TM Form Version – This option builds a TM Form Version and then immediately downloads the zip file needed to import the Form Version into Manager.

Build and Render Form – This option builds a TM Form Version (which can be downloaded from the Management Dashboard) and renders the form in a new tab. This option will most likely be used when you need to view or test a rendered version of the form. To configure the form in Manager, the user will need to download the form version and import it into TM.

Build with Options - This option displays the Build window with several options available for preparing the TM Form Version. Once the TM Form Version is built, you will have the option to download or view the rendered form. The available options are described below.

TM Form Name – This is the name of the form as it will appear in Journey Manager. By default, it will pre-populate with the existing name of the form, however, you can change it as needed.

Minify Code (select for production) - Minify Code is the process that reduces the size of the form without changing its functionality. Selecting this option will make the form more efficient to transmit. However, reducing the code makes it difficult to read, so consider deselecting this option when debugging.

Use Transact Functions (requires TM v17.10 +) – This option should be selected if you intend on using Transact functions. Transact functions require Journey Manager version 17.10 and higher, and this option is only available in Maestro version 17.10 and higher.

When this option is selected, the list of available services you can configure for your form version is limited but you can configure Transact functions from the Functions tab which becomes available. This is illustrated below.

Remove Automation Framework (select for production) - The Maestro Automation Framework (MAF) provides an API which can be used by other tools to automate and investigate the state of a Maestro form. Once a form is ready for production, it should be built with the Remove Automation Framework option selected to remove the MAF code. Selecting this option will reduce the download size of the form and prevent misuse of the API in production forms.

Please note that once a form version is built, the user can download the form at any time from the Maestro Management Dashboard. The Download TM Form Version button is available on the Versions screen of the Dashboard. This button will only be available for selection once the form version has been built (in Maestro) at least once. Notice the "Built" column in the image below. This column indicates if the form version has already been built. If there is a checkmark, the Download TM Form Version button will be available. If there is no checkmark in the column, you will need to open the form version in Maestro and build the TM Form Version from the editor window.