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Maestro Resource Summary Overview

   MaestroPreviously known as Transact Maestro.  |   Form Builder |   v18.11 This feature was introduced in v18.11.

The resource summary overview provides a detailed look at the storage sizes of all resources of a Maestro form. The summary is created once a Maestro form is built from the Maestro editor. The resource summary overview displays detailed analysis on all resources of a selected form and can be used to assess why a form is taking longer to load, and/ or if certain form resources need to be externalized from the form. In Maestro, a resource can be a HTML file, an image, a CSS file, a JavaScript file, etc.

The resource summary overview is represented in graphical and tabular formats and is available by building a form or selecting Show Resource Summary from the Cog menu of the Maestro editor.

The following image displays the resource summary overview in graphical (Pie Chart) format.

The resource summary will always display the total size (in bytes or megabytes) of all resources in the built form, and will only be refreshed after the form has been built from the Maestro editor.

Directly below the graphical representation of the resource summary is the tabular representation of the resource summary.

The tabular format of the resource summary displays every individual resource of the selected Maestro form. This table can be filtered by using the small black arrows on each column. For instance, you may choose to display all resources in alphabetical order. The table can also be filtered by selecting a section of the Pie Chart. Clicking Reset Filter will return both formats to their default displays.

Hovering over any section of the Pie Chart will display the specific storage size of the hovered over resource. For example, in the following screenshot, the blue section of the Pie Chart has been hovered over revealing that images take up 44.64 megabytes (MB) of the total resource size.