Create a Form Load Rule

   MaestroPreviously known as Transact Maestro.  |   Form Builder |  5.1 & Higher This feature is related to 5.1 and higher.

Maestro allows you to create business rules that are invoked on a form load event. Load rules can only be applied to the whole Maestro form, not single fields. Load rules are created slightly differently to the way traditional business rules are created in Maestro.

To create a form load rule, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Maestro form.
  2. Click Form Options.
  3. Click Form Rules > Create Rule.
  4. Select the type of rule you want to create from the Create Rule dialog.
  5. Configure the rule.
  6. Click Save to create the rule or Cancel to discard it.
  7. Click Build and Render Form to see how this rule is displayed when the form is built and rendered.