Form Life Cycle

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   Platform Developer Form Builder |  5.1 & Higher This feature is related to 5.1 and higher.

Journey Manager defines the life cycle of a form, which is important in providing the business context for the system. The form life cycle has the following phases:

Phase 1 - Form Definition & Publishing

Links to Manager forms are typically embedded in your organization’s website. When users click these links they are redirected to the Manager server, which retrieves the appropriate form definition, pre-populates it and then renders the form to the user. You can create individual branding, look and feel and business rules within each organizational profile for flexible form presentation.

Phase 2 - Form Submission

Once a user has completed the form, the user submits it to Manager where the form data is processed. Manager supports several post-submission services that can be invoked at this stage including attachments, payment and signature services. When a submission is complete, Manager generates a receipt, which can be emailed to or downloaded by the user. Registered users of the Transaction Manager Example Self Service Space may view any previous submissions and download receipts at their convenience.

Phase 3 - Submission Delivery

The final step is the delivery of the completed form, XML Data and relevant attachments to the intended recipient. Manager provides email and Web Services delivery mechanisms along with custom processes or an organization-based stand-alone delivery mechanism that provides integration with existing systems.

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