What is the Journey Platform?

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Avoka is now a part of Temenos. In December 2018 Temenos announced and completed the acquisition of Avoka. Temenos chose Avoka to further its leadership with a digital banking product focused on customer experience, and has integrated Avoka as the Journey Manager product in the newly announced Temenos Infinity suite of products.

Temenos Journey Manager solves the problems of financial institutions spending significant amount of time and money on digitally transforming their customer acquisition and onboarding experience, only to fall short of customer expectations. Until now, banks have been forced to build tailor-made applications for the acquisition and onboarding portion of the customer journey, including account opening, lending applications, business onboarding or KYC compliance.

Journey Manager, now in Temenos Infinity, enables financial institutions to come to market rapidly, slashing the costs and risks of building these applications. Once built, banks can continuously analyze results and iterate quickly. Journey Manager achieves rapid time to market and agility for banks, delivers an outstanding customer experience, and integrates essential FinTechFinancial Technology, also known as FinTech, is a new industry that uses new technology and innovation to improve activities in finance. It aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services to customers by improving customer experience, reducing time-to-market, decreasing cost to mention a few. services, such as ID verification, into the digital onboarding process.

As part of Avoka integration with Temenos Infinity, all Avoka product names have been changed. For more information on how the original product names correspond to the new ones, see changes to our product names.

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