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FAQs Answer

Are the Journey Analytics screens and the Journey Manager Analytics screens the same?

Journey Analytics stores a full history of the application transactions, which are not affected by data retention management settings, and therefore the data is persistent.

The Analytics screens in Journey Manager have different data sources and queries, and are affected by data retention policies.  These screens will never match the Journey Analytics data screens for that reason. 

Can you confirm the Journey Analytics data only shows fields that have been interacted with?

This is correct. Journey Analytics is a behavioral analytics tool and is only aware of fields if it receives at least one event for a field. This includes navigation, validation or completion, such as clicking in a field, auto population of a field or one or more keystrokes to complete the field.

It is not possible with the current architecture of the application to know anything about fields that are never actually touched by a user.

What is the difference between the conversion rate and the completion rate in the Dropoff view?

The conversion rate is the percentage of all transactions that were attempted, and eventually completed. The calculation starts with every transaction attempted, then subtracts the bounced and abandoned applications, to calculate the conversion rate of all transactions as a percentage.

The completion rate however, is the percentage of all applications that were actually started, and eventually completed. The calculation removes the bounced transactions from the calculation at the start, so it will always be higher than the conversion rate.

Why do the Journey Analytics Dashboard Duration statistics display as a median value, whereas Field Errors and Field Help are displayed as an average?

Because Duration can have such a wide variation in values, we throw out the very high and very low values, to display the median.

However the Field Errors and Field Help are often a much tighter bunch of values, so it makes sense to display them as an average. The range of numbers of errors is typically smaller compared to the time taken to complete a transaction.

How long does it take for data to flow into Journey Analytics?

It usually takes around 90 minutes from the time the user interacts with the application. However, when a new form is introduced, please allow up to 24 hours for the new form to be available in Journey Analytics dashboards due additional processing requirements.

How long before a transaction is considered abandoned?

Typically it takes 24 hours, and is configurable in Manager.

How long is historical data available for viewing?

Currently Journey Analytics data is warehoused indefinitely.

How can I access the old Dashboard UI if I am on v18.11 of Journey Analytics?

Use https://<Journey Analytics environment>/insights/secure/dashboard

Why do the same segments appear in our DEV and UAT environments? The Segment Whitelist is shared across all Journey Manager environments (DEV, UAT, TEST, STAGING, PROD). Changes to the Segment Whitelist in one environment will be reflected in all environments.
Why are transactions from the last 24hrs not included in the preset periods? The preset periods do not contain the last 24 hours. Simply use the custom period with an end date of today.
Why after logging into Journey Analytics are the views all blank? Log out, clear your browser cache and log back into Journey Analytics.