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User Interface Overview

   Journey Analytics Previously known as Transact Insights.  |   Analytics  |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher. |   Updated in v18.11 This feature was updated in v18.11.

When you have successfully logged into Journey Analytics, the Journey Analytics User Interface is displayed.

Depending on the version of your Journey Manager environment, customers on 18.05 and earlier will see the original user interface (called the Dashboard), or customers on 18.11 or later, the new refreshed user interface (called the Visualizer) will display, presenting all the same Journey Analytics analytical views, and functionality remains the same. For this reason both versions of the screens are shown in this documentation.

Both User Interfaces contain the following sections:

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v18.11 onwards v18.05 and earlier



To still use the original Dashboard UI on v18.11 use: https://<Journey Analytics environment>/insights/secure/dashboard

The Banner section at the top of the Journey Analytics User Interface displays the Insights logo, Journey Analytics version, current date and time, Preferences and Logout.

 |   v18.11 This feature was introduced in v18.11.

In v18.11 the banner also displays the time of the Last Analysis, which is date and time the Journey Analytics data was last consolidated and updated, and typically runs hourly.

In v18.11 the Timezone was also moved out of Preferences onto the banner, however the functionality is the same.


Select the Preferences option in the Banner to do things such as change your current time zone, apply a blacklist filter and whitelist segments.

Feature Navigation Panel 

Journey Analytics does not store any of the transactional data entered by users into customer applications, but it does store information about the user behavior in the application. This behavioral data is stored and used to populate all the Journey Analytics analytics views, such as the Dashboard, Dropoff, Field Analysis, Timeline, User Journey, Collaboration Jobs and Data Export Views.

The Analytics view is the main section of the Journey Analytics User Interface, and by default, the Dashboard View will display.

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v18.11 onwards v18.05 and earlier


The Feature Navigation Panel allows you to select the following analytics views: 

Analytics Views

The Analytics views are selected from the Feature Navigation Panel. Note that when navigating across different views, the selected Global filters, time period and the selected applications, will carry across.


Select Dashboard, which is also the homepage, to display:

  • An overview of transactions associated with the selected applications for a selected time period.
  • The Dashboard is made up of the following tiles; Completion Statistics and History, Field Statistics, Activity Statistics, today's current activity, and Device Distribution.


Select Dropoff to display:

  • Completion statistics against each section, and each field of a single application and version, for a selected time period.
  • The order of the sections displayed can be rearranged if required.
  • Click on an individual section to see detailed field-level statistics for that section in the Field Analysis view.

Select a specific form version, as this view can only present analysis for one application Form Version at a time.

Field Analysis

Select Field Analysis to display:

  • Detailed field-level statistics for each section of an application for a selected time period.
  • It also helps to identify abandonment hotspots by aggregating all the field level behavioral data for all transactions.

In v18.05 this view is a component of the Dropoff View.


Select Timeline to display:

  • An overview of all transactions that occurred during the selected time period in a bar chart.
  • The number of transactions that were bounced, started, abandoned or completed during the selected time period.
  • And the median time taken by each transaction to be completed during the selected time period.

User Journeys

 |  v18.05 This feature was introduced in v18.05.

Select User Journeys to display:

  • An analysis of one User Journey for a selected time period.
  • An easy to follow diagram of the journey undertaken by users during the application process. It illustrates the different user journey paths taken through the application by the users.
  • Any pre-configured customized milestones as nodes on the user journey to show how many users reached those milestones and how long it took users to reach them.
  • Any pre-configured segmentation charts to perform segmentation analysis on a group of users (who reached the milestone) based on the data sent by the Segment APIs from the application form or Journey Manager.

Collaboration Jobs

 |   v18.11 & Higher This feature is related to v18.11 and higher.

Select Collaboration Jobs to display:

  • An analysis of one Collaboration Job workflow for a selected time period.
  • An easy to follow diagram of the experience undertaken by applications throughout the entire Collaboration Job workflow.
  • Each Collaboration Job action as nodes in the workflow to show how many applications reached those job actions and how long it took applications to reach them.
  • Obtain a clear view of section-level and field-level metrics for applications at each job action, as well as milestone and segmentation analysis throughout the corresponding user journey.

Data Export

 |   v18.11 & Higher This feature is related to v18.11 and higher.

Select Export to:

  • Export the raw Insights data as a CSV file to preform custom analysis. It does not visualize the data like the other views.
  • Use the scope and period selectors to choose the application or forms and time period you want to analyze, then select the Report Type, Metrics and any groupings you want to show in the exported file.
  • As an alternative, an Export button is available on the analytical views in the v18.05 Dashboard UI to export the data shown in the views and download it to a CSV file.
Relative Sizing

If the size of the Journey Analytics views is not suitable, use the browser's zoom controls to adjust the size of the Journey Analytics views on the screen.

Global Filter Panel

Next, learn about the Global Filter Panel.