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The Journey Analytics preferences are used to configure the segment whitelist. Preferences can be opened by clicking the settings cog in the top right of the user interface.

Segment Whitelist

Within Preferences, the segment whitelist determines which segmentation data can be stored in Journey Analytics datasets. It is designed to help prevent inadvertent storage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the Journey Analytics database.

In order to collect segment data for Journey Analytics purposes, the segments and their values must be whitelisted. Any incoming segment data which is not whitelisted is discarded and is not stored.

For more information on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), see Insights Data Privacy and Security.


The segment whitelist is shared across all Journey Manager environments (DEV, UAT, TEST, STAGING, PROD). Changes to the segment whitelist in one environment will be reflected in all environments. You will also need Journey Analytics Administrator access to modify the segment whitelist.

Modify the segment whitelist

Add and amend entries using the steps below:

  1. Click the settings cog to open the segment whitelist.
  2. Click Add Segment to add new entries.
  3. In the text input, type the name of the segment type.
  4. Select whether to allow Discrete or a Range of entries as segment values.
  5. Input all the expected segment values, or a numeric range, to the whitelist.
  6. Click Apply to save entries.

To remove an entry, use the bin button.

To cancel all modifications, before clicking Apply, click anywhere outside the preferences dialogue.

Modify the segment whitelist

  1. Select Preferences from the Journey Analytics User Interface.
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  3. Select the whitelist segments tab.
  4. ClickAdd Segment.
  5. Enter the segment name in the Segmentation field.
  6. In the Segment Type dropdown, select either Discrete or Range and enter the values.
    • For Discrete: Enter one or more Discrete Values
    • For Range: Enter the Minimum and Maximum Values allowed to be stored in the Journey Analytics database


  7. Click OK or Apply.
  8. Validation of the values and the segmentation names occur and any errors are displayed in red. Green ticks display on the fields to indicate the validation is successful.
  9. Continue to add more than one segment if required.
  10. To remove a whitelisted segment, simply click the trashcan icon.

Blacklist Filter

The Blacklist filter will ensure that any transactions that come from a blacklisted source will not be included in any Journey Analytics data analysis. To filter out a specific source of data you can blacklist a specific browser or IP address. You can also edit or remove blacklist filters.

To add or edit a Blacklist filter:

  1. Select Preferences from the Journey Analytics User Interface.
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  3. Select the Blacklist filters (user) tab.
  4. Click Add Filter.
  5. Click the Filter type dropdown menu.
  6. Select the IP Address or Browser option.
  7. Enter either an IP Address or select a browser from the drop-down list.
  8. Click OK.
  9. To apply more than one blacklist filter, continue to click Add Filter until they are all configured.
  10. To remove a filter, simply click on the trashcan icon.

For more information on sending segments, see How to Send Custom Milestones and Segments.


To avoid losing any segmentation data, add them to the segment whitelist prior to making the application (form) available to users.