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Analytics Topics

Set up

   Journey Analytics Previously known as Transact Insights.  |   Analytics  |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

To successfully set up Journey Analytics, you must first send an Journey Analytics provisioning request to your Account Manager. Once you have sent this request, your Account Manager will collaborate with the Journey Analytics and Cloud-hosting support teams to complete the following steps:

  1. Raise a service request on ACS (https://support.avoka.com/acs/) and select Journey Analytics Provisioning request as the request type.
  2. Make sure the customer meets the following upgrade requirements:
    (*Upgrading to the latest GA version of Journey Manager, Composer/Maestro is highly recommended to take advantage of many of the features of  Journey Analytics)
    • Journey Manager 5.0.7 or higher deployed on their system.
    • Composer forms published with Composer 4.4 or above.
    • Maestro forms published with Maestro 5.1 or above.
  1. If the customer Journey Manager deployment is on-premise, follow the steps below, otherwise ignore this step:
  1. For all internal users who test applications (rendering forms in the browser to generate Journey Analytics data), their machine should be able to make outbound calls to the following URLs:
  1. The Cloud-hosting support team will provision Journey Analytics on the Google Cloud Project (GCP) that Insights uses as its backend. For each customer, the Cloud hosting support team will create a dedicated project on GCP and link it to their corresponding Journey Analytics instances.
  2. If the customer is using Composer forms, contact insights-support@avoka.com to get the latest ti-support.js file and deploy it to the Manager environment. Please refer to the Deploying ti-support on Composer page for instructions on how to complete this step. The Cloud-hosting support team can only assist with this step when working with on-cloud deployments.
    This step can be skipped if the application is already built with Composer's Insights Data pack. Note that, the ability to send custom Milestones and Segment events from the application is only available through Composer's Insights Data pack.
  3. At this stage, the Insights provisioning process is complete. As a next step, for better readability of analytics data on Insights, it is recommended that you configure each field of a Maestro, Composer or Open UX form with a Transact Insights Field Name and publish/build the form.
  • In Maestro, you can edit the Transact Insights Field Name property under the Integration tab of each field.
  • In Composer:
    • Navigate to the Bulk Editor and click the Configure button.
    • Search for the Insights Field Name property.
    • Add the Insights Field Name property and Save the configuration.
    • Insights Field Name column appears in the bulk editor screen. Set the Insights Field Name for each field. 

Once the above tasks have been completed, you are ready to enable Insights on forms. Once enabled, data will start flowing through to Journey Analytics as forms are rendered by users.


    Journey Analytics may show errors when there is no data in the database. It may sometimes take up to 1 hour for the data to be reflected on Journey Analytics. Usually, it takes 10-20 mins.

Next, learn how to enable Journey Analytics for Maestro applications.


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