Journey Analytics Features

   Journey Analytics Previously known as Transact Insights.  |   Analytics User |   Latest Version Latest version 21.05.0 cloud hosted.

Journey Analytics comes packed with a wide range of features empowering you to analyze complex customer onboarding and user journey solutions. The main product features have now become core functionality in the latest cloud-hosted version. Click on each feature to learn more.

Main Features

  • The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of application performance.
  • View an individual form's transaction metrics and better understand completion rates with Dropoff.
  • Identify abandonment hotspots and trends in Field Analysis - with detailed field-level statistics.
  • Visualise the User Journey milestones while segmenting users.
  • Use the Timeline to compare application statuses over time.
  • Custom Reports provides a customizable dashboard for many different metrics in a single view.
  • Visualise a Collaboration Job and view it's key metrics for the job, step, action, section or field.
  • Export analytics reports to CSV.
  • Segmentation analysis to help understand the behavior of specific groups of users.
  • Follow significant events in the user's journey through Custom Milestones.

Features by Release

Each release of Journey Analytics is hosted with new features and bug fixes to provide you with the best-in-class software and to accelerate business agility and improvements across the board. All cloud-hosted customers are automatically provided with the latest release.

The key features for each major release of Journey Analytics are listed below. Click on each release number to view the complete release notes and learn about all features and bug fixes.


Release Key Features Description
Scope Selector

Custom period date selector displays a single view for start and end date selection.

Today option provided for the period with Last Day being renamed to Yesterday.

For multi-organisation clients the organisation name is displayed with the form name in the form version selector.

Sorting forms in the form version selector is also available for multi-organisation clients. Forms can be sorted by organisation name or form name.

Timeline View improvements The Timeline View now provides users more options for aggregating data. The tooltip displayed on hover of the bar chart has also been improved to order the colour sequence to match the bar chart.
User Journey View segmentation chart The User Journey View segmentation chart has been extended to display ten segmententation values compared to the previous five.


Release Key Features Description
Custom Reports View

A/B Testing was renamed to Custom Reports.

This view is a customizable dashboard that makes it easy to compare the performance of your application versions, across many different metrics in a single view. Additional reports have been added to the view, such as:

  • Best, Worst, Avg - gauge the best, worst and average time taken to complete applications within the selected scope.
  • Completion Rate - examine application performance in terms of user completion for the selected scope in a bar chart.
  • Duration Summary - compare and sort the best, worst, average, and median times to complete each version in the selected scope using a table.
  • Median Time - compare the median time to complete each version in the selected scope as a bar chart.
  • Milestone Funnel - compare standard and custom milestone hit rates for the selected scope with a bar chart.
  • Section Completion - see completion across sections for the selected scope using a line graph.
  • Section Summary - compare and sort by section-level stats for each version in the selected scope in a table.
  • Segment Split - discover the breakdown of values of a segment type for all transactions within the selected scope using a pie chart.
  • Segment Switch - examine how users traverse values of a segment type for all transactions within the selected scope using a sankey graph.
  • Session Map - investigate the number of sessions occurring per country for the selected scope using a choropleth graph.
  • Top Fields - compare and sort by field-level stats for each version in the selected scope in a table.
  • Transaction Summary - compare Transaction Statuses for the selected scope using this bar chart.
  • Improved analysis and metric readability Tooltip enhancements for the Field Analysis and Dropoff Views to provide more detailed statistics.


    Release Key Features Description
    Milestone Funnel report A new Milestone Funnel report was introduced to the A/B Testing View. Use this report to understand how milestones are encountered across one or more applications. The chart is a bar chart where each bar represents the number of milestone transactions.
    Springboard Provided built-in analytics used by the Springboard solutions.


    Release Key Features Description
    New reports available in the A/B Testing View Segment Split, Duration Summary, Best, Worst Average Duration, and Sessions Map. Also rates have been added to the Segment Switch report.
    Other enhancements

    Transaction Recovery Support - Query changes were made to the Journey Analytics backend to support Workspace transaction recovery. This means that Abandoned transactions that were subsequently completed (recovered), will be reflected accurately in the Journey Analytics views.

    Help Tooltips - We improved help tooltips by ensuring a consistent look and feel to tooltips throughout the application. We also added more clarity to some areas via help text, namely the Period selector.

    Export Column Ordering - This new enhancement ensures that the order in which metrics (columns) are selected in the Export View UI, is reflected in the downloaded CSV.


    Release Key Features Description
    A/B Testing View The new Journey Analytics A/B Testing View brings a customizable dashboard that makes it easy to compare the performance of your application versions, across many different metrics in a single view.
    Custom Data Export The new Custom Data Export allows you to export analytics reports to CSV with the ability to select the granularity of your reports and retrieve exports for multiple applications in a single file.
    Additional enhancements

    Segment filtering - Added to the Global Filter Panel to allow users to view different segments of their analytics data.

    Job filtering - Added to the Cohorts filter on the Global Filter Panel to allow users to filter by one or more collaboration jobs, or versions of jobs.

    Last Analysis - Added to the Journey Analytics banner to show the date and time the analytics data was last consolidated and updated. It typically runs hourly.


    Release Key Features Description
    Visualizer user interface

    Insights has a brand-new user interface that brings together modern best practices to deliver a refreshed user experience. This was achieved by a major redesign of the Insights' frontend.

    This new user interface is called Visualizer, and will replace the Dashboard user interface from previous versions.

    Open UX support

    Insights extends support for event collection to include Open UX applications, including Out Of The Box React implementations, such as Springboard implementations and framework agnostic wrappers for ECCL integration.

    This means that open UX applications can now be analyzed using Insights, the same way Maestro applications can be analyzed.

    Collaboration Job support Insights now provides Collaboration Job analytics to monitor workflow level analytics.

    Next, learn more about Manager features.