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We have always believed in providing high quality documentation. Previously, we created the knowledge baseA knowledge base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system. for our Temenos Journey platform and shared it with you via the Confluence portal hosted at However, as the platform and its products have evolved, we have decided to enhance our knowledge base by rewriting its content as topic-basedTopic-based authoring is a modular approach to content creation where content is structured around topics that can be mixed and reused in different contexts. articles and improve its accessibility by hosting it on with the Algolia search engine.

The improvements are quite significant, affecting the structure, look and feel of the content and its discovery, so we recommend you become familiar with the new website by checking our getting started page.

If you are experiencing difficulties locating old KB documentation, we have mapped the most popular old KB content with the new topics, which are the entry points to all related content. Check the tables below to see how of the old KB articles map to new documentation topics.

Old KB Articles New Documentation Topics

Transact Manager Administration Guide

Journey Manager Overview

Transact Manager Configuration

Journey Manager Home Dashboard


Organizations Overview

User Accounts

User Accounts Overview

Form Spaces

Form Spaces Overview

System Logs

System Logs

Configure Virus Scanning for Attachments

Symantec Attachment Virus Scanning Service

ClamAV Attachment Virus Scanning Service

Core Global Services

Core Global Services Overview

Maestro Form Configuration in TM

Form Dashboard

System Configuration



Multi-Environment Support

Server Nodes

Server Nodes Overview

Outgoing Email

Outgoing Email Service Overview

For more information on our products prior to version 5.1, see Other products.


If you can't find an article you are looking for, but you remember its name as it was in the KB, try to search for that name using our Algolia search engine.

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