What's New in 22.04

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The 22.04 release has a number of new exciting features and enhancements across the whole range of Temenos Journey Platform products. The updated products and their changes are listed below.

Journey Maestro New Features

This release of Maestro includes long awaited updates and bug fixes of many early features, so you'll be delighted to upgrade your current product to the latest 22.04 version of our software.

Read the detailed Maestro release notes or check the main release features.

  • Updated 3-rd party libraries and dependencies, including support for ECMAScript 2019
  • Upgraded the Font Awesome library to version 5.15.4 from 4.5.0, so many new icons are now available in the icon picker in the rich text editor
  • Improved accessibility in several widgets, for example, in the Dropdown Multi Select component
  • Enhanced the validation framework to properly include component validation on pages that were not visited
  • Fixed many bugs from our backlog

Journey Manager New Features

We are pleased to announce our latest 22.04 release of Journey Manager is ready for you to download! It's packed with new features and bug fixes, which you have been waiting for.

Read the detailed Journey Manager release notes or check the main release features.

  • Improved the existing notification messages interface to let you create and schedule status change of various entities, such as form spaces, organizations, forms, and form versions
  • Added a new status management service to automatically execute scheduled entity status changes
  • Provided a set of new REST API to expose existing Operations as a service. These API will be consumed by new Workspaces functionality
  • Added new permissions to the Workspaces form space to provide fine-grained control for new Workspaces Operational Portal REST API, such as txn/query, txn/status, txn/task, and txn/purge, as well as the existing txn/cancel.
  • Included a new version of the SDK, which requires the Journey SDK Maven Plugin to run. We've modified the underlying framework of the integration points between Manager and the SDK to accommodate this change.
  • Updated 3-rd party libraries

Exchange New Features

We are pleased to announce the update of five Exchange packages for the 22.04 release.

Read the detailed Exchange release notes or view each updated package below:

Journey Analytics New Features

We are pleased to announce the latest 22.04 release of Journey Analytics is ready! The 22.04 enhancements improve existing functionality and incorporate the following updates.

Read the detailed Journey Analytics release notes or check the main release features.

  • New tooltips added to the Dashboard View.
  • The Scope Selector now displays the form code with each form making it easier to correctly identify the form you want to analyse.
  • Open UX support has been enhanced to provide Open UX applications with full analytics capabilities. A sample project is now available from the Downloads section!
  • Various bug fixes.

Journey Workspaces New Features

The Journey Workspaces 22.04 release includes enhancements to the Journey Workspaces portal and Applicant space, and the introduction of a new Operations portal.

Workspaces portal improvements include enhancements to the search and notes features, and an updated application timeline, while the Applicant space now offers theming capabilities and a new notes feature. This release also introduces a new Operations Assistance portal for operations staff and administrators that allows authenticated users to search and view transactions in a Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) system when providing operational assistance to banks and their customers.

Read the detailed Journey Workspaces release notes or check the main release features.

Key features included in this release:

  • Improved search and notes features in the Workspaces portal.
  • Applicant space enhancements, including theme support, timeline improvements, and a new notes feature.
  • A brand new Operations portal, allowing operations staff and administrators to search for transactions, view transaction details, and perform transaction actions.
  • An improved build and deployment process via Product Artifactory.
  • Migration to the Nightwatch framework for API, configuration, and UI automation.

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