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Journey Maestro Overview

   Journey PlatformPreviously known as the Transact Platform.  |    Form BuilderPlatform Developer |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

Journey Maestro, the design tool of the Temenos Journey platform, provides pre-built components for rapid form creation as well as the ability to customize the experience. Everything created is mobile responsive and can be previewed in formats for phone, tablet, and desktop. A single design runs on all devices, takes the screen size into account, and gives an optimal experience without creating versions for each device.

Maestro forms move through various events of the Transaction Experience that include Prefill, Data Capture, Save and Resume, Payments, Notifications, and Collaboration between parties.

Several of these events have an impact on a Maestro form’s design.

The image below displays the development workflow that Maestro provides to Form Builders and Template Designers to create a customer journey. This workflow begins with a template being designed in Maestro by a Template Designer, once the template has been created, a Form Builder can create a new form based on the template. However, even though the Form Builder has started creating a form based on the template, the Template Designer can continue incrementally adding to the template without affecting the form in progress.

Once the Form Builder is happy with their form, they can build the form and import it into Manager. After importing, the form can be tested across multiple environments and if needed, further improvements can be made before the form is published for customers.

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