Enable Deprecated Features

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   System Manager / DevOps |  |  v18.05 This feature was introduced in v18.05.

Manager allows you to enable deprecated features, if you depend on them in your current installation and configuration.


Manager version 18.05 and higher removes deprecated features of Manager module by default. You can, however, enable these features if they're required.

To enable deprecated features:

  1. Select System > Modules Config.
  2. Locate the Transact Manager module and click Edit.
  3. Select the Properties Edit tab.
  4. Select the Show Deprecated Features checkbox.
  5. Click Save to update the changes.

The list below identifies the current deprecated features that support the Show Deprecated Features property.

Version Deprecated Features Details


Forms menu options.

New Form Wizard (also the New button from the Forms page is removed). Document Types, Metadata Tag Definitions.


When a specific form is selected.

The Form Promotion tab from the form dashboard. For a selected version of the form, the Form Tags tab.


The following from the Organizations option from the Forms menu bar. A specific organization is selected.

The Form Tags tab. Switch to the Delivery Channel tab. By adding or editing a delivery channel where the Delivery Method is REST Service, the PDF Receipt Embed Files checkbox is removed.

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