Journey Manager Features

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   System Manager / DevOps |   v21.11 This feature was updated in v21.11.

Journey Manager comes packed with the wide range of features empowering you to create complex customer onboarding and user journey solutions. Some of the main product features have now become its core functionality. Click on each feature to learn more.

Main Features

Features by Release

Each release of Manager is shipped with new features and bug fixes to provide you with the best-in-class software and to accelerate business agility and improvements across the board.

The key features for each major Manager release are listed below. Click on each release number to view the complete release notes and learn about all features and bug fixes.


Release Key Features Description

A new REST service - Proof of Concept

A new service which exposes some of Manager's Fluent API via RESTREST or RESTful API design (Representational State Transfer) is designed to take advantage of existing protocols. While REST can be used over nearly any protocol, it usually takes advantage of HTTP when used for Web APIs. end points.

Fluent API

We've further expanded the Fluent API to expose more features to help reduce the dependency on the deprecated Core Groovy API:

  • Form VO - Included the form type through the getFormType() method. 
  • TxnUpdater, JobUpdater and TxnQuery - Included feature to view and manager comments against Transactions and Jobs
  • TxnUrlBuilder - Included the capability to generate secure URL for forms/transactions through the setSecured() accessor method.
  • TxnUpdator - Included the capability to lock and unlock the save Challenge lock state for a transaction
Manager installer

We've enhanced the installer so that for AWS installs using MySQL SSL is enabled by default to improve server security. For more information, see the SSL JDBC Connection Enforcement for MySQL section of the installation guide.

Due to components requiring commercial licences, iText, Oracle and Luna dependencies are not included with installs by default. These will need to be deployed separately. For more information, see the Manual Libraries Deployment section of the installation guide.


Remove the PDF export option from the Transaction and Job Licensing reports because it uses iText, which requires a commercial license. 


Release Key Features Description

Core services

Added support for:


Release Key Features Description

Azure Cloud support

Added support for:

Automatic deployment and testing

Added support for:

  • The ExampleImportService, which was used to import example artifacts into Manager on initial startup, now supports all archive types. This is useful to import test artifacts for automation testing.
  • The bulk user import spreadsheet is expanded to support Groups, Roles and Organization. This is also incorporated into the ExampleImportService.


Release Key Features Description

General Fluent API enhancements

Added support for:

  • TxnUpdater, TxnQuery, TxnBuilder and Txn VO to improve the transaction level capability of the Fluent API
  • Emailer and UserEmailer
  • Added a new Job Builder class

Fluent API receipting enhancements

Added support for:

  • Calling a named receipt render service from within a Fluent Receipt Service to enable receipt merging while still generating a receipt for the associated transaction.
  • Generating a Web and Email received from a Fluent Receipt Service.
  • Externalization of the Core PDFUtils methods to merge receipt in Fluent.

Fluent Security Managers support added

Added support for:

  • A Fluent User Authentication Provider, with a template for a skeleton Fluent Groovy User Auth Provider.
  • A Fluent Security Manager, which includes a template for a skeleton SSO Security Manager and an out-of-the-box ADFS Security Manager.
  • Fluent Security Managers implementation has resulted in a number of new Fluent API classes to support the scripting within a Security Manager.

Form version import enhancements

Form version import options include Form Function now.

Removed features


  • Adobe Livecycle support removed
  • Card Payment page removed from the Workspace


Release Key Features Description

Workspace API

Enhanced to support the development of the new help desk persona for the Workspaces, including:

  • Transaction search using multiple criteria
  • Additional updates to Txn and Job Queries
  • Security enhancements

Fluent API

Enhanced to reduce the dependency on the Core API and improve upgrade supportability, including:

  • New PaymentLog Query class
  • Improved TxnQuery transaction search capabilities
  • New feature to support collaboration jobs
  • Added form expiry information to the Form object

Security enhancements

Improved CORS support for form spaces

Chromium puppeteer receipt service

Added a new Chromium puppeteer receipt service to render forms as PDF receipts

Library upgrades

Upgraded the dependent libraries, including:

  • Apache Cayenne 4.0
  • Spring Security 4
  • Wildfly 16

Removed features


  • Birt and PayPal Payment gateway. It is replaced with the Transaction and Job Licensing screens for transaction usage information.
  • PayPal Payment gateway.


Release Key Features Description

Workspace API

Introduced new REST API to support the development of rich UI experiences for ‘Back of House’ staff who support complex workflows and provide help desk functions to end users. The API utilizes Swagger and Spring Security.

Static content externalization

Added a new Maestro form rendering mode which significantly reduces the time it takes to load large forms. This is important as long application loading times can significantly increase the bounce rate with users simply closing the browser window before starting the application.

System Event Publisher

Added a new user authentication event feed to send user login events. Enhanced scheduled purge time and actual purge time for a transaction.

Security hardening

Added support for:

  • Added Validation of date field to the workspace portal to fix internal error when provided date is invalid.
  • Security around service connection password in the manager UI.

Removed confirmation page and receipting from the Server Monitor Form configuration.

Library upgrades

Upgraded the dependent libraries, including:

  • Open JDK 11
  • User Agent Utils 1.21
  • Spring Framework 4.3.19
  • Spring Security 43.1.7
  • Bouncycastle 1.60
  • SDK 3.9
  • org.apache.xmlgraphics batik 1.10


  • JLine

Platform support enhancements

Added support for:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 operating system.

Fluent API

Added new API.

Behavior changes

Enhanced management of submissions' lifetime.

Removed features


  • FopRenderReceiptService receipt render service & org.apache.xmlgraphics library
  • Use of Flash in the Manager UI
  • Apache Camel Support for Groovy Services


Release Key Features Description

System event publisher

Introduced the System event publisher to connect external systems through an AWS SQS queue, in near real time, where the messages can be picked to provide up to date information about the states of form transactions in Journey Manager.

Library upgrades

Upgraded the dependent libraries, including:

  • Apache Groovy Lang 2.4.15
  • Eclipse BIRT Runtime 4.6.0
  • JDBC Database Drivers (MySql, Oracle and SQL Server)
  • JUnit 4.12
  • Oracle Java JDK 1.8u172

Platform support enhancements

Added support for new Insights, including:

  • Centrally stored ECCL Script
  • Fluent API to send Insights Segments from server side Groovy Scripts

Fluent API

Added new API

Behavior changes

Enhanced the transaction abandonment and data purging to ensure PII data is removed accordigly.


Release Key Feature Description

Transact Functions

Introduced Fluent Functions to allow you to use functional programming within Journey Manager, so you can now write a function once and simply trigger it at whatever points or points you need.

Continuous Integration

Provided improved CI-based testing support. Created a definition of what is included in the application package and versioned in GIT or another SCM tool.

Transact SDK

Combined developer tools into a unified Transact SDK to provide a single set of tools to help developers make the most of integrating with Transact API's while using Continuous Integration.

Reference data

Introduced Transact Reference Data to decouple reference data from the form, decrease the form loading time, and enable you to deploy once and use in many forms.

Semantic versioning

Unified versioning across the platform for consistency including full semantic versioning across all forms and services. Semantic Versioning enables two teams to work in parallel on more than one form solution and permits hierarchal management of versions. Additional features include support for up to 3 levels of versions and version branching.

Security hardening

Add support for Strict Security Headers to enforce that each HTTP request within authenticated user session is checked to make sure it is the originated source that created the session. The HTTP request's IP Address and Browser User Agent are checked.

Collaboration Jobs

Enhanced collaboration jobs to support group sharing.


Release Key Features Description

Data retention policy enhancements

Retention duration time is reduced to make sure Journey Manager is used as a system of engagement and not a system of records:

  • Transactions - reduced from 180 days to 90 days.
  • Transaction history - reduced from 2 years to 180 days.

Transaction history data warehouse integration

Added the following publishing services to publish transaction history directly to a data warehouse:

  • AWS S3
  • File system
  • Fluent Groovy

Automated deployments

Introduced a new script-able install or upgrade mode for deployment automation, which supports Continuous Integration (CI) testing. This mode is beneficial to both hosted services and IT professionals in that it helps to automate provisioning and upgrading, which in turn can improve quality by reducing operator errors.

Fine grained form space authentication policies

Enhanced forms authentication policies, which depend on form space they are in.

Fluent Groovy API

Added new Fluent service types.

  • Form version Selector
  • Receipt Render
  • Transaction History Publisher
  • Virus Scan Service

Application packages

Added new configurations for Organization Properties, Delivery Channels, and Service Connections.

Security manger logging

Introduced a new Security Manager logger that can be used in all Security Manager Groovy scripts.

Update to latest Maestro form from within Manager

Enhanced Maestro form updates from Journey Manager, so it uses the latest build of the Maestro form without exporting a Maestro Form Version Archive and then importing it Manager.

Maestro localization support

Introduced localization to Journey Manager and Maestro, which allows multiple languages to be added to a single form. This feature allows a form to change languages based on the users of the form.

Collaboration Jobs

Form and service version pinning:

  • The form code for Review Tasks is no longer necessary. Task Assign actions that do not specify a Form Code will by default use the same form code and version as the previous submission.
  • The Form Version can be explicitly set in the Job Definition.
  • The Job Action Version can be explicitly set in the Job Definition.

Collaboration Jobs

History logging, so the state of the job is recorded and logged at the end of each branch of processing completes.


Release Key Features Description

Fluent Groovy API

Introduced completely new and improved API, which can be used from Groovy scripts.

Maestro form version import

Added support for Maestro form version import defaults, which provides specialized import behavior if a form version archive was created in Maestro.


Release Key Features Description

Application packages

Added support for:

  • Form bundle and form chaining
  • Receipts with Groovy scripts
  • Dynamic task assignment
  • Cancellable tasks
  • Publish and subscribe data extract sharing
  • Unified navigation support


Added support for AWS Key Management System (KMS) data encryption in the Cloud Service Enterprise VDC edition.

Groovy service tests

Added comprehensive Groovy Services test framework to support accelerated development and development best practices.


Added Transactions, Service Definitions and Groovy Service Invoke REST APIs.

Security hardening

Added security role and group grant leases, improved SEM logging support and Apache Mod Security configurations.

Service improvements

Added Form Security Filter, Groovy Receipt service types, service versioning support, Groovy Service Logging, improved documentation, service editing and form and service definition Organisation Application Packages.

Transact Integration Gateway

Introduced TIG, which provides a light weight on-premise integration module for performing deliveries and proxy calls to internal systems. This module replaces the TIA and TDA modules.


For more information on Manager releases, see our community.

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