Installation Modes

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   System Administrator |   v20.05 This feature was updated in v20.05.

The Journey Manager installer allows you to specify your installation options on the Installation Mode Setup screen:


Journey Manager Setup Wizard


  1. Select a task from the Setup Task list:
    • Install a new Journey Manager server to install a new instance.
    • Update a Journey Manager 4.3+ server to update your existing instance.
    • Configure a Journey Manager database to create and configure the database.
    • Create a Journey Manager Work Space to create and configure a new Work Space form space.
  2. Select a task from the Deployment Environment list:
    • AWT Cloud to perform the setup task on an Amazon cloud.
    • Azure Cloud to perform the setup task on an Azure cloud. Linux  |  v20.05 This feature was introduced in v20.05.
    • On Premise to perform the setup task in your local environment.

      The deployment mode affects what screens are shown in the installer, so ensure you select the correct setting to avoid any installation issues.

  3. Click Next.

This documentation only describes how to install and upgrade Journey Manager.