View Organizations

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM).  |    System Manager / DevOps  |   21.11 This feature was updated in 21.11.

Manager allows you to view the list of available organizations, so you can manage them efficiently.

To view organizations, select Forms > Organizations.

Organizations are shown page by page, with the maximum number of records per page configured via the user's preferences.

View Organizations in Manager

To filter or search the roles by one or more criteria, specify the following settings and click Search:

  • Organization's name or part of a name.
  • Active Only. Only Active organizations are listed by default.
  • Select an organization from the Organization dropdown list at the Toolbar.

Click Clear to reset the search criteria.

You can check the following organization details:

  • Organization name is a globally unique organization name, which is often displayed on form landing pages.
  • Client Code is a globally unique organization short name, which can be used in a long form URL (Form Friendly URL).
  • Status determines the availability of an organization. Statuses can be one of the following:  |  21.11 This feature was introduced in 21.11.
    • Active - it is in use and readily available to all users. All functionality is allowed.
    • Offline - it can't be used at all. No functionality is available, including DDS, Delivery and so on
    • Inactive - similar to Offline.
    • NoRender - it doesn't allow for new or saved and resumed forms, but ongoing open sessions can be completed. DDS, submits, saves, and delivery are allowed.
  • Last modified is a date when the organization's configuration was updated last time.

You can also perform the following actions:

Click Export Data to export the displayed data as a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file.

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