Temenos Journey Platform Features Compatibility

   Journey PlatformPreviously known as the Transact Platform.

Temenos Journey Platform software has two major releases per year, with several minor releases in between. A lot of effort goes into the product development to ensure there is backward compatibility between these releases. However, you may need to have a certain Journey Manager version installed to enable and use the following product features.


Manager Version Product Feature Compatibility Issue


Manager custom milestones.

You can only send custom milestones from Manager to Journey Analytics from version 17.10 or later. It is not possible to send custom milestones from any earlier versions of Manager


Maestro semantic versioning.

You can use semantic versioningSemantic Versioning is a formal convention for specifying compatibility using a three-part version number: major version; minor version; and patch. The patch number is incremented for minor changes and bug fixes which do not change the software's application programming interface (API). The minor version is incremented for releases which add new, but backward-compatible, API features, and the major version is incremented for API changes which are not backward-compatible. For example, software which relies on version 2.1.5 of an API is compatible with version 2.2.3, but not necessarily with 3.2.4. in Maestro and Manager older than version 17.10, provided the form version number is no longer than 10 characters. For example, a version "1.0.1" is 5 characters and will work, but a version "1.0.2-develop" is 13 characters and won't work. However, if you truncate it to "1.0.3-dev", it will work.


Manager segments.

You can only send segments from Manager to Journey Analytics from 18.05 or later. It is not possible to send segments from any earlier versions of Manager.


Journey Analytics Visualizer UI.

You can only use the Journey Analytics Visualizer UI alongside Manager version 18.11. For earlier Manager versions, the original Journey Analytics Dashboard UI is used.


As we constantly update and improve our Maestro product, we make sure it can run on most recent Manager versions. You can check the compatibility matrix below to confirm which Maestro version you can run on your current Manager installation.

Maestro Version Manager Version Compatibility Issue



The form version number field has changed from 10 to 20 characters, so a new form with a long version, for example, 1.0.1-develop, will not work in Manager prior to version 17.10.

Transact Functions are only supported in Manager version 17.10 and later.


17.10 and later

The formInit event, which is used for performance metrics, is only supported in Manager version 17.10.8 and later.





18.11.2 and later



Composer Version Manager Version Compatibility Issue



If you want to use FTX forms.

Also, check Temenos Journey Platform deprecation schedule.