Google Analytics Virtual Page Integration

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To include page tracking via Google Analytics, each wizard page will fire a "page view" with title and url.

Add GA Code to Head of Page

Navigate to the "Page Tracking" tab, select the "Inside <HEAD> option" and paste in your Google Analytics code. See example below.

Create Business Rule to call the ga method on page change

Under the business rules triggering conditions check the following condition.

In the script you will need to create the virtual page views and then call the ga pageView method. See example script below.

This script uses the current page number to reference the correct object.

var gaObj = {
"1": {
"title": "First page",
"page": ""

"2": {
"title": "About you",
"page": "about_you"

"3": {
"title": "Your property",
"page": "your_property"

"4": {
"title": "Your new loan",
"page": "your_new_loan"

"5": {
"title": "Your details",
"page": "your_details"

"6": {
"title": "Your employment",
"page": "your_employment"

"7": {
"title": "Your finances",
"page": "your_finances"

"8": {
"title": "Application complete",
"page": "application_complete"



var baseUrl = "/macquarie/servlet/SmartForm/";
var currentPage = sfcInternal.av_wizard_findCurrentPage();

if(typeof ga != 'undefined') {
ga('send', 'pageview', {'page': baseUrl+gaObj[currentPage].page,'title': gaObj[currentPage].title});

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