Standard Scheduled Jobs

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM).  |    System Manager / DevOps  |  v5.1 & Higher This feature is related to v5.1 and higher.

Manager comes with a number of preconfigured scheduled jobs that perform a range of important functions and shouldn't be paused or removed without good reasons.

Manager has the following standard scheduled jobs:

Scheduled Job Description

Collaboration Job Controller Job

Processes collaboration jobs by calling the job controller service associated with the collaboration jobs.

Data Keystore Rollover Job

Creates new keystores for organization, if automatic rollover is configured.

Data Retention Job

Calls the default Data Retention Management service, which is responsible for purging Manager data such as submissions and error logs. No other scheduled jobs will be run while the data retention job is executing to avoid data contention.

Delivery Escalation Job

Sends escalation emails for submissions delivered via secure email delivery.

Delivery Reminder Job

Sends reminder emails for submissions delivered via secure email delivery.

Email Queue Job

Sends emails placed into the email queue.

HTTP Invoker Job

Invokes a HTTP URL, which is configured as the context parameter of the job.

Payment Reminder Job

Loads the default payment reminder service and calls it. The service will then send out a reminder email regarding incomplete payments (see chapter "Security", section "Pre-Defined Groups" for the group to which emails will be sent by default).

Run Reports Job

Loops through all report schedules setup in Manager. If it finds one that is due to be sent out, it will run the report, extract the result data and send out the report email.

Scheduled Service Job

Invokes a Scheduled Service Job. These services can be customized using a GroovyGroovy is a powerful scripting language which runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Across theJourney platform, Groovy is used to create services in Manager. These services are primarily used to create plug-in style systems that interact with Manager. script and are used to run custom logic on a schedule. The service the job will invoke can be selected when editing the job.

Security Policy Manager Job

Applies security policies such as user role and group expiry. It also removes the accounts of users who never verified their email address.

Submission Email Verification Reminder Job

Calls the default submission email verification service, which sends out reminders for submissions where the user must verify their email address.

System Monitoring Job

Monitors other important Manager system activities, such as the transaction processing and email queue. It also sends emails to the Receive System Alerts group if these scheduled jobs don't exist or have not been running as they should.

Template Version Deployment Job

Applies scheduled form version changes.

Transaction Processing Job

Calls the default transaction processor service, which performs submission processing in the following order: abandonment, receipts, delivery, task expiry and transaction history creation.

Virus Scan Job

Loads a list of all attachments that need to be virus scanned and calls the default virus scan service for each attachment, setting the attachment's virus scan status appropriately.

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