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System Event Publisher Submission Events

   Journey Manager (JM) Previously known as Transact Manager (TM). |   System Manager / DevOps  |   Updated in v18.11 This feature was updated in v18.11.

Manager allows you to configure a System Event Publisher to publish submission events.


Select the submission checkboxes in the AWS SQS System Event Publisher service configuration to publish these events.

System Event Publisher sends out submission events in the following JSONJSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a syntax for storing and exchanging data and is used in Maestro to store forms. If a Form Builder wants to transfer their form to another system, they can do so by using the Download JSON file button. format.

	"environmentName": "server1.com",
	"systemId": "c41d354134397c0362846d5efd7f34f4",
	"serverNode": "ip-192-168-120-149.us-west-2.compute.internal - TM Server",
	"environmentName": "Engineering Test 1",
	"threadName": "default task-87",
	"submission": {
		"id": 17253,
		"eventTime": "2018-10-05T13:15:30Z",
		"submitKey": "ade3e4ebfe7016c8c10a3b5c0ee107e7",
		"requestKey": "28673f7e0c92d9d7ebc8bd80af8318af",
		"trackingCode": "Y85C5H",
		"clientCode": "maguire",
		"formCode": "CCA-RB",
		"formStatus": "Saved",
		"deliveryStatus": "Not Ready",
		"user": "john.smith@maguire.com",
		"jobRefNumber": "RJ6GJR9",
		"formDataMap": {
			"First Name": "John",
			"Last Name": "Smith",
			"Email": "john.smith@amcore.com",
			"Mobile": "0417 298 273"
		"errorLog": [
			"id": 1850,
			"errorTime": "2018-05-10T20:36+1000",
			"errorType": "Email",
			"message": "SmtpEmailService: SMTP Host=null"
		"eventLog": [
			"id": 69378,
			"eventTime": "2018-10-05T13:15:30Z",
			"eventType": "INFO",
			"message": "Email sent to: test_user1@company.com"
		"groovyServiceLog": [
			"id": 74308,
			"invokeTime": "2018-10-05T13:15:30Z",
			"serviceName": "IDV Service",
			"versionNumber": "1.0.2",
			"durationMs": 26,
			"status": "Completed",
			"groovyLog": [
				"13:15:30,056 INFO  Applicant CIN: 121483-38390\r",
				"13:15:30,094 INFO  IDV Status: Completed"
		"milestone": [
			"IDV" : "Completed"
		"property": {
			"CIN": "121483-38390"
		"requestLog": {
			"id": 32813,
			"requestTimestamp": "2018-05-10T20:34+1000",
			"requestKey": "6e29b53f7b8cc4e5bf39148be987ef69",
			"sessionId": "oC20STVJ4tvEOPl4jP256zhucOAX8YH5AIv7gzFj",
			"ipAddress": "",
			"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0"

For more information on the form status and delivery status values, see data retention status.

If the formStatus is Abandoned, an additional formAbandonmentType indicating the reason for abandonment is included.

A form abandonment types can be one of the following:

  • Bounced
  • Started
  • Cancelled
  • Ineligible
  • Saved
  • Submitted

The following is an example of an abandoned transaction with an additional formAbandonmentType:

	"formStatus": "Abandoned",
	"deliveryStatus": "Not Ready",
	"formAbandonmentType": "Cancelled",
	"formDataMap": {

Manager includes submission PII data purging information in a JSON message.  |   v18.11 This feature was introduced in v18.11.


This event is always published by the AWS SQS System Event Publisher service.

You can use this functionality to:

  • Monitor submission PII data purging in Manager.
  • Build external systems to monitor the progress of submission PII data purging.

The JSON format is the same as for submissions events with the following extra fields:

  • scheduledSubmissionPurge
  • scheduledPiiDataPurge
  • piiDataDeletedTime

Before purging

	"deliveryStatus": "Completed",
	"scheduledPiiDataPurgeTime": "2018-10-23T15:12:22+1100",
	"scheduledSubmissionPurgeTime": "2019-01-14T15:12:22+1100",
	"user": "test_user1@company.com",

After purging

	"deliveryStatus": "Completed",
	"scheduledPiiDataPurgeTime": "2018-10-16T15:16:50+1100",
	"piiDataPurgedTime": "2018-10-16T15:16:59+1100",
	"scheduledSubmissionPurgeTime": "2019-01-14T15:12:23+1100",
	"user": "test_user1@company.com"

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