Transact Fluent SDK Overview

   Journey PlatformPreviously known as the Transact Platform.  |    Platform Developer  |  5.1 & Higher This feature is related to 5.1 and higher. |  Deprecated in 17.10 This feature was deprecated in 17.10.

Journey Manager is designed to be integrated with external systems. This makes the Journey platform highly extensible, allowing it to meet the growing demands of the most complex financial and government environments with low or no code changes by using configuration rather than development activities. Clients can extend the Manager core capabilities to achieve goals that aren't possible with built-in functionality, such as integration with a custom back-end system.

Manager comes with the Transact Fluent SDK, which developers can use to extend the Journey platform by writing GroovyGroovy is a powerful scripting language which runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Across theJourney platform, Groovy is used to create services in Manager. These services are primarily used to create plug-in style systems that interact with Manager. scripts that hook into Manager's services and extension points.

Transact Fluent SDK includes:

  • Transact Fluent API references.
  • Manager Fluent libraries.
  • Manager Fluent project templates to develop Groovy services using modern IDEIntegrated Development Environment.s.
  • Tools to help interact with Manager Rest APIs to support deployment and testing of services.

The Fluent Groovy APIs have been designed to enable a simplified Fluent programming style, improve learning, reduce programming complexity, increase productivity, and improve code readability. Upgrades and maintenance become smoother because of the simplified and unchanging Transact Fluent API. Finally, the new APIs provide enhanced levels of security and performance.

Transact Fluent SDK supports IDEIntegrated Development Environment.-based development that includes:

  • Source control integration for team development projects
  • Code modularization and reuse
  • Unit testing
  • Real-time code completion and error checking

Transact Fluent SDK creates a development environment for clients, partners, and the Customer Service team to rapidly extend Manager functionality with new back office Integrations, workflows, and service connections to various FinTech Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, is a new industry that uses new technology and innovation to improve activities in finance. It aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services to customers by improving customer experience, reducing time-to-market, decreasing cost to mention a few. services.

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