Workspaces Applicant Space Overview

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Journey Workspaces is a highly configurable and feature-rich business portal targeted at authenticated bank staff conducting activities like application resolution and customer service. As originally designed, Workspaces doesn't accommodate other audiences, a notable omission being the involvement of applicants and their representatives in the application resolution process. To address this audience, we've introduced a new applicant-focused portal — the Workspaces Applicant space — that gives authenticated non-bank users access to a limited set of application-related features. While it is still not possible to accommodate anonymous users, the Applicant space enables your organization to improve the customer's experience by letting them contribute to the progress of applications through the full application life cycle.

What is the Applicant space?

The Applicant space is a Workspaces extension offering an efficient, digital-first method for authenticated non-bank users to have a greater involvement in the application process. Within the Applicant space, users can initiate and submit applications, then manage and monitor their progress through to a final outcome. By giving the applicant (or their representative) more direct involvement in the application process, the Applicant space helps to improve the speed and accuracy of the application resolution process.

Key features of the Applicant space begin with an option to kick-start applications. Having done so, you can search and filter to find your applications, then view all the key details and monitor the progress of each application as it is processed. There are options to filter on useful criteria such as the application's id, the date it was started, and its status, so that you can find the application you need quickly. You can add notes throughout the application process to help bank staff process your application and potentially reduce delays in the application approval process. Any notes you add are available to all Workspaces users as part of an easy-to-understand audit trail of the application life cycle.

Out of the box, the Applicant space presents a thoughtfully designed and feature-rich interface based on a template that has all the features you need. This template represents a common application workflow scenario, and takes advantage of third-party integrations to add a suite of useful and practical features. The template accelerates the installation and configuration process and can be used as the basis for your own custom Applicant space experience.

The Applicant space relies on several core concepts that underpin Workspaces. To learn more about these, see Workspaces Core Concepts. Workspaces is designed to give you a great user experience right from the start with a consistent page structure and common user interface (UI) elements. To learn more about the Workspaces UI, see Workspaces UI Tour.

Who is the Applicant space for?

The Applicant space provides features for authenticated non-bank users such as applicants and their nominated representatives. Generally, an Applicant space user is a broker or other representative of an applicant rather than the applicant themselves. Anonymous and unauthenticated users cannot use the Applicant space.

What's included?

Applicant space includes features designed for applicants and their representatives.

  • Kick-start an application, then save or submit it.
  • Resume a saved application to continue adding details.
  • Withdraw a submitted application if you change your mind.
  • Recover a withdrawn or abandoned application.
  • Search and filter options that help you find your applications.
  • A detailed view of each application, including any attached documents which you can download.
  • Monitor the progress of each application as it is processed.

Getting Started


Workspaces is a highly configurable product, so we provide a default Applicant space configuration to get you up and going faster. Authorized users can download the latest Workspaces distribution which includes the default Applicant space configuration. More information is available in the Applicant space technical documentation to help you configure your Applicant space to meet your needs.

Browser Support

The Applicant space has been designed for and tested against the following web browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and that you keep your browser updated, especially through the application of security patches.

While you may be able to access the Applicant space using other browsers, there's no guarantee that everything will work, and you may not enjoy the great user experience available when using a supported browser. We strongly recommend that you use a supported browser for the best Applicant space experience.