View Notes – View all Notes for an Application

   WorkspacesThis topic is related to Journey Workspaces. |   Workspaces User |  v20.05 This feature was introduced in v20.05.

As an application progresses through its life cycle, it may pass from one user to another to perform various assessments or other activities. Each user that touches the application can add information to the application such as how it is processed, details of user inquiries, or changes in prioritization. Because an application can pass through many different sets of hands, it's important to capture this information in case it's needed by someone else later in the application life cycle, or to assist in responding to inquiries. This information when captured is stored as notes against each appropriate task.

You can view notes for a specific task in the Timeline on the Details page. This is convenient if you know which task a note was made against. But maybe you don't know which task to look at, or you want to see an overview of all notes for the application. In this instance, you can use the View Notes action which is available from the Details page in all spaces.

To view all notes for an application:

  1. Select a space.
  2. Locate the item of interest in the item list, and select it to open its Details page.
  3. Click View Notes in the Action panel to display the Notes window.
  4. Notes are grouped by step and task, placing each note in the context of the application's and task's state at the time that it was made.
    A scroll bar appears if necessary for you to view all of the notes, and you can expand the window to use the full screen.
  5. When you're finished viewing the notes, click  (Close) to close the Notes window and return to the Details page.

To learn about creating notes, see Application Details PageTimeline.