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Your Workspaces portal may look different to what you see in this topic. This is because Workspaces is a highly configurable product, and this topic describes features based on the default configuration which may differ from how your Workspaces portal is configured; for example, you may see different branding or other fields. Nevertheless, the features described here work the same way in all Workspaces portals.

Customer service needs, such as for relationship management, are supported in Workspaces via the inclusion of an Assisted Channel space. In its default configuration, the Assisted Channel space includes a List page and a Details page that are configured with features designed to make relationship management activities fast and efficient, so that you can focus on providing a great customer experience.

List Page

The List page in the Assisted Channel space includes all of the standard features of a Workspaces List page.

  • An item list, containing a list of applications, which may be empty initially depending upon how it is populated.
  • A global filter that restricts the applications in the item list to just those for a selected form / product type.
  • A second global filter, Created Date, that restricts the applications in the item list based on the date they were created.
  • A global view selector, used to apply a pre-defined set of fields, filters and sort options to the item list.
  • Flexible search, filter and sort options that you can use to refine the set of applications in the item list.
  • Paging tools that you can use to browse the item list.

To learn about these standard features, click the links above or see Understanding the Workspaces List Page.

The Assisted Channel space's List page displays a list of applications that you created or that have tasks assigned to you, taking into consideration the global filters, the current view and any active search, filter and sort options. The Form / Product Type selector shows which form / product types the applications in the list relate to, and the name of the current view is highlighted in the Views selector. The list of applications displayed can be further refined using the filter and sort options. Filtering restricts which applications are displayed in the list, and sorting determines the order that items appear in the list. To learn more about these options, see Filter the Item List and Sort the Item List.

Once you've found the application you're interested in, you can select it in the item list to perform an action on it. In addition to these actions, you can also start a new application on behalf of a customer. To learn about the available actions, see Assisted Channel Actions below.

Details Page

The Details page in the Assisted Channel space supports all of the standard features of a Workspaces Details page. It displays comprehensive information about the selected application and its tasks, and provides access to the assisted channel actions . This includes:

  • Key information about the selected application and its tasks.
  • A set of actions that the current user can perform on the task or application, while in the Assisted Channel space, at the current stage of the application's life cycle.
  • A list of applicants and products where you can select an applicant to view more details.  |  v19.11 This feature was introduced in v19.11.
  • Personal information for the selected applicant, including identity and contact details.  |   Updated in v19.11 This feature was updated in v19.11.
  • The outcomes of pre-configured background checks which provide an assessment of the selected applicant's suitability.  |   Updated in v19.11 This feature was updated in v19.11.
  • A timeline of steps that the application has been through with key application details and accompanying notes.
  • Attached documents relating to the application.
  • Optional display of custom information; for example, information that is not included in the standard cards, or that is presented differently.

To learn about these standard features, click the links above or see Application Details Page.

Assisted Channel Actions

The assisted channel actions are:

  • New Form – Start a new application on behalf of someone else.
  • Receipt – See a read-only view of a submitted application.
  • View Form – See a read-only view of an application that has been saved but not yet submitted.

The Receipt and View Form actions are similar in that they both provide a way to view information entered by the applicant, but there are differences in how you can interact with that information. To find out more about these two actions, see Helpdesk Actions.

The New Form action is described below in the context of the Assisted Channel space. Also below, you can find links to examples of how to use all of these actions.

Start an Application (New Form)

In a customer-focused role such as a relationship manager, it helps to be able to provide services to your busy customers that make their lives easier. Workspaces includes many features aimed at reducing friction in the application process. One of these is the New Form action which allows you to kick-start applications on behalf of your customers.

The New Form action allows you to start a new application for a customer and fill in all of the application details that you know, accelerating the application process. Your customer only needs to enter the details that you can't, and then submit the application when they're ready.

The New Form button is available in the top right corner of the Assisted Channel space's List page. When you click New Form, a menu appears showing the list of available form / product types. Select a form / product type to display that form and start filling in the application. When you're finished filling in details you can save the application so that you or the customer can continue it later. For details about how to continue an application, see View a Form.

Applications you start in this way appear in your item list in the Assisted Channel space. This makes it easy for you to find an application to continue entering details, and then to monitor progress of the application's tasks once it has been submitted. While the application is yet to be submitted, the application's status is Saved and the submitted date is blank. Once the application has been submitted, the View Form action is no longer available and you can make no further changes to the application.

Assisted Channel Action Examples

Let's go step by step through some examples to demonstrate how you can use the assisted channel actions to provide better customer service.

You can find examples below for the following actions:

Step-by-step examples are available elsewhere for other actions you may need while assisting customers with applications:

Start an Application

This example shows you how to kick-start an application on the List page. In this example, we know some customer details which are entered before saving and closing the application.

  1. Login to Workspaces and select the Assisted Channel space. The List page is displayed.
  2. Click New Form, then select an item from the form / product type list. In this example, there's only a single form / product type, Deposit Account Opening, so we'll select this item.
  3. A window opens containing the new form. Enter the known customer details, name and email address, then click Save and Close.
  4. The application ID, "PFFP7NZ", is displayed; Click (Close) to close the form and return to the List page.
  5. Refresh the page, and you can see our new application, with application ID "PFFP7NZ", at the top of the list, and that it's status is Saved.

Once the application has been saved, anyone assigned to the task can use the View Form action to resume the application later. Also, if the customer has received a save confirmation email, this will include a link they can click to resume the application.

To resume the application using the View Form action:

  1. Locate the saved application. It's at the top of the list, but if it wasn't we could search for our application ID to find the task. In the (Search) box, type our App ID "PFFP7NZ", and just one task is found.
  2. Point your cursor at the item list item for our saved application – the available actions appear at the right-hand side.
  3. Click (View Form) to re-open the form and continue filling in the application.
  4. When you're done, click Save and Close again, or Submit if you're ready to submit the application.