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Tasks Page Overview

The Tasks page is the default page displayed when you access Journey Workspaces. You can click the Tasks (Undefined variable: workspaces.navBar-shortName) item at any time to display this page.

On the Tasks page , you can view a user-customizable list of tasks from which you can select individual tasks and take control of them to manage and process them.

Key features of the Tasks page are focused on manipulating the Task list.

  • Select a task queue (using the Queue selector) to determine the source of tasks.
  • View tasks that were created on a selected date or range of dates (using the Task Created selector).
  • Select a view (using the View selector) to limit which tasks are displayed.
  • Use filtering and sorting to further refine the list of tasks displayed.
  • Search to find specific tasks.
  • Use Pagination Tools to navigate through pages of tasks.
  • Access control based on your login account, and application/task status and assignment.