Journey Workspaces FAQ - Compatibility

   WorkspacesThis topic is related to Journey Workspaces. |   Platform Developer |   18.11 This feature was introduced in 18.11. |   20.05 This feature was updated in 20.05.

Is Workspaces available for my browser version?

WorkspacesThe Applicant space has been designed for and tested against the following web browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (limited support - see IE11 Support below)

For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and that you keep your browser updated, especially through the application of security patches.

While you may be able to access Workspacesthe Applicant space using other browsers, there's no guarantee that everything will work, and you may not enjoy the great user experience available when using a supported browser. We strongly recommend that you use a supported browser for the best WorkspacesApplicant space experience.

IE11 Support

Workspaces is supported on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), commencing from Workspaces v18.11.4. Workspaces is feature-compatible with IE11; however, the user experience on IE11 may not be as great as when using a modern browser due to limitations imposed by IE11.

Is there a compatible version of Workspaces for my Journey Manager environment?

Starting with Transact Manager 18.11, a compatible Workspaces release is available for every Journey Manager / Transact Manager release. For example, Workspaces 18.11.0 is compatible with Transact Manager 18.11.0.

Check the release notes for your Workspaces version Workspaces 19.11.x , Workspaces 19.05.x or Workspaces 18.11.x to identify the correct version of Workspaces to use with your Journey Manager platform.

Starting with Workspaces 19.05, Workspaces is forward and backward compatible with supported Journey Manager versions. You can pick the build that is compatible with your platform in the downloads area.

Starting with Workspaces 20.05, the Workspaces client application is deployed as an Open UX application and the Workspaces API (form space) WAR file comes packaged with the Journey Manager installer. For more information, see the Workspaces technical guide .