Journey Workspaces FAQ - Deployment

   WorkspacesThis topic is related to Journey Workspaces. |   Platform Developer |   18.11 This feature was introduced in 18.11. |   20.05 This feature was updated in 20.05.

How do I promote Workspaces from lower to higher Journey Manager environments?

Promoting Workspaces between environments is achieved by exporting the Workspaces archive from one environment and importing it into another environment. This transfers the definitions, pages, properties, resources and submission forms associated with the portal.


Before importing the Workspaces archive to your environment, make sure you have already had a fresh installation of Workspaces in that environment.

There is an issue in Workspaces 18.11.3 and earlier releases that prevents you from exporting your Workspaces archive. In this case, to promote your Workspaces portal, install Workspaces in your environment then manually copy the Workspaces assets like properties, pages and resources which are to be replaced.

Starting with Workspaces 20.05, the Workspaces client application is deployed as an Open UX form in Journey Manager. To promote the Workspaces client application from a lower environment to a higher one, export the Workspaces Open UX form (which includes all Workspaces configuration details) and import it into the target environment. No further configuration is required in the target environment.

How do I import the Workspaces WAR file through the Journey Manager administration console?

The Workspaces WAR file is installed using the Journey Manager administration console. Login to Manager then select Forms > Form Spaces and click Import WAR. For more information about importing WAR files, see Import a Form Space as a WAR archive.


The Import WAR button is disabled in multi-node Journey Manager environments. To install the WAR file, contact cloud hosting support or your infra support to manually deploy the WAR file from the Journey server.

Starting with Workspaces 20.05, the Workspaces API (form space) WAR file comes packaged with the Journey Manager installer.

How do I deploy two Workspaces portals in one Journey Manager environment?

To install multiple copies of Workspaces in one Journey Manager environment, you need to change the name of the Workspaces application.

For example, to change the name from Workspaces to Temenos, you would need to make the following changes to the contents of the Workspaces WAR file.

  • \WEB-INF\jboss-web.xml: Change the context root.

  • \Index.htm: Change the content URL.

            <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=/temenos/secure/index.html">
  • \WEB-INF\classes\db-config1.xml: Change the portal name, context path and WAR file name.

    <portal name="Temenos">
    <description><![CDATA[Temenos Workspaces]]></description>
  • \META-INF\maven\\tm-workspaces-war\pom.xml

    <name>TM: Temenos WAR</name>
        <>Temenos Workspaces</>
        <portal.project.description>Temenos Workspaces</portal.project.description>
  • \META-INF\maven\\tm-workspaces-war\

    Specification-Title: TM: Temenos WAR
    Implementation-Title: TM: Temenos WAR

Rename the WAR file as well as tm-temenos.war.

Once the above changes are done, deploy the new WAR file in the Journey Manager environment.

Can Workspaces 19.05/19.11 and Workspaces 20.05 be deployed to the same Journey Manager instance?

Yes, you can have multiple different versions of Workspaces in the same instance of Journey Manager. When setting up Workspaces 19.05/19.11, make sure you select the Workspaces WAR file compatible with your Journey Manager version.

Can I have multiple Workspaces 20.05 Open UX forms in a single Journey Manager instance?

Yes, you can have multiple Workspaces 20.05 Open UX forms in a single Journey Manager instance.

To deploy Workspaces with a different name / version, edit the transact-config.json file.

    "buildDir": "build",
    "domainModelFile": "transact-schema.json",
    "appDef": {
        "name": "WorkspacesX",
        "formCode": "workspacesx",
        "clientCode": "workspaces",
        "transactInsights": false,
        "formVersion": {
            "versionNumber": "20.05"