Journey Workspaces FAQ - Features

   WorkspacesThis topic is related to Journey Workspaces. |   Platform Developer |   18.11 This feature was introduced in 18.11. |   20.05 This feature was updated in 20.05.

I can't view the PDF receipts - is this due to access restrictions?

This can happen when you click the Receipt button in the Process view and the message "You are not authorized to access this resource." is displayed.

Make sure Show PDF receipts is selected for the form associated with the transaction. This option is available on the form’s Flow Config tab. Form more information about this option, see Configure Receipts Delivery Mode.

In addition, if you are running Workspaces 18.11.x, make sure the receiptUrl property is present in the transaction’s submission property and the context path is pointing to /workspaces/.

Searching for a transaction is very slow when there is a huge volume of transactions in Journey Manager

Enhanced search performance is available starting with Workspaces 19.05.8 and Workspaces 19.11.6, and in all later versions. To improve search performance, add the “Enhanced PII Search” portal property and set it to true. For details, see Configure Workspaces Properties in the Workspaces technical guide.

I can't view certain transactions in Workspaces

Make sure the form related to the transaction is linked to the “Work Spaces” form space in Journey Manager.

Filtering on more than two submission properties at once does not return the expected results

This is now supported in Workspaces 19.11. This issue affected Workspaces 19.05 and earlier.

Does Workspaces support partial searches?

No, partial search is not supported in Workspaces.

I can't filter on an application's metadata after the application is completed

Make sure PII Search Purge Mode is set to PII Purge Time for the Data Retention Management service in Journey Manager under Services > All Services.


Filtering on an application’s metadata will work until the PII Purge Time is elapsed

When I try to change or reset my password, I can't enter my old password

This issue was fixed in Workspaces 19.11.7 / 19.05.9. if the feature does not work even after upgrading Workspaces, click Restore base content on the Pages tab of the Workspaces form space in Journey Manager.

The Decision action button is still visible after the application is approved or rejected

If you are using a custom decision form that needs to communicate with Workspaces, you need to call the browser's POST message API to pass messages back to Workspaces. Add the following code to the Submit button's click event.

  • If there are justification comments to pass to Workspaces:

    window.parent.postMessage({ submit: data.typeANote }, '*');
  • If there aren't any justification comments to pass to Workspaces:

    window.parent.postMessage({ submitDecision: true }, "*")

How do I pass the Workspaces locale to a form rendered in the Workspaces modal window (for example, the decision form)?

This feature is supported starting from Workspaces 19.11.7. To retrieve the locale from the browser's event, use the following JavaScript code.

window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {
    locale =;
}, false)

How do I close the Workspaces modal window from a form rendered inside it (for example, the decision form)?

This feature is supported starting from Workspaces 19.11.7. To close the modal window from the form, use the following code in the form.

window.parent.postMessage({close: true}, '*');

Does Workspaces 20.05 support role-based access to view custom cards?

Yes, Workspaces 20.05 supports role-based access control to view custom cards. For details, see Custom Cards in the Workspaces technical guide.

Is there a limit on the number of notes that can be added to a task or application in Workspaces?

There is no limit on the number of notes that can be added to a task or application in Workspaces. However, each note's message must not exceed 2000 characters in length.

Can I hide the Search bar on the Workspaces list page?

No, it’s not possible to hide or suppress the Search bar in the Workspaces list screen. However, starting from Workspaces 20.05, it is possible to specify the search scope in Workspaces by adding the following attribute to the current space configuration:

search: [<field name 1>, <field name 2> …],

Is it possible to retain search and filter values throughout a user's Workspaces session?

Yes, this is supported starting from Workspaces 20.05.

If I start a form in the Workspaces Assisted Channel, can I hand it over to the customer / applicant to continue the journey?

No, this workflow is not possible in Workspaces due to reasons relating to security.

However, this can be achieved by breaking the application form into sections that are bundled with a collaboration job to manage the workflow.