Journey Workspaces FAQ - Maestro Form

   WorkspacesThis topic is related to Journey Workspaces. |   Platform Developer |   18.11 This feature was introduced in 18.11. |   22.04 This feature was updated in 22.04.

The Decision form cannot read the SystemProfile property

Make sure Unified App Data is selected for the review form.

The Add documents button doesn't appear for applications that are not yet submitted

The Add documents button is visible only during the review stages for those who are assigned to review the application. For inflight applications (prior to submission), you can use the View Form button to render the form which may allow you to upload documents.

Starting with Workspaces 19.11, Workspaces supports controlling the Add documents button through configuration. More information is available to help you understand how to configure attachments such as documents.

Can I configure Workspaces so that Helpdesk users view saved forms in a read-only state?

Saved forms can be rendered in a read-only state by clicking View Form, as long as the form is designed to activate the contents in a read-only state upon receiving the &pageId=view parameter in the URL while rendering the form.

Workspaces 19.11 now supports passing messages using the postMessage API. For details, see Actions in the Workspaces in the technical guide.

How do I configure Workspaces so that Assisted Channel users can fill out a Maestro form?

This feature was introduced in Workspaces 19.05.

For information about how to configure Workspaces to allow Assisted Channel users to fill out a Maestro form, click one of the links below.