Open UX

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Open UX is a set of JavaScript libraries for building applications on the Journey Manager platform. It allows you to develop onboarding experiences using the tools you're already familiar with while taking advantage of Journey Manager on the back-end.

The current state of Open UX

Open UX is not currently under development; consequently, we've removed support for Open UX. If you have a Journey Manager solution that uses Open UX and you have questions about why we've done this, contact us to discuss your solution.


The Journey Manager APIs that Open UX relies on remain fully supported.

What about the online documentation?

We've replaced the Open UX online documentation with a PDF version. Here's how you can get a copy of the PDF.

  • If you have access to the Temenos instance of Microsoft Teams, you can download the Open UX PDF from Teams (instructions below).
  • Otherwise, contact us to request a copy of the Open UX PDF.

Download the Open UX PDF

The Open UX PDF is available from the Temenos instance of Microsoft Teams. Follow these steps to download the Open UX PDF.

  1. Login to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select the Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) team.
  3. Select the Temenos Document Share channel.
  4. Select Files and browse to the OpenUX (INTERNAL USE ONLY) folder.
  5. Download the Open UX PDF (openux-1811.pdf).