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Version: 20.05

About this documentation

This guide explains how to set up the new Workspaces module in Journey Manager, and the steps required to configure collaboration jobs to work with Workspaces.

It is assumed you are proficient with the Journey Platform, collaboration jobs, scripting with Groovy and Fluent functions, and setting up forms in Journey Manager. If you're unfamiliar with any of these, you can find about them on the Journey Manager Documentation web site, or contact us to discuss e-Learning and instructor-led training options.


The following conventions are used in this documentation.

Defined terms are displayed exactly as shown in the Terminology section below.To display the Details Screen, click a Txn.
Named user interface elements are displayed in bold font.Click Import to complete the WAR file deployment.


The following defined terms are used in this documentation.

ConfigureDetermine how a Workspaces instance behaves by defining application-level parameters, attributes or properties. Examples of configuration include defining Workspaces Global Txn property in JM. Note that only users with appropriate permissions can access and make changes to configuration options.
Custom CardsThe section of the Details Screen which allows to show different level of information like applicant details, background check details or any other custom information about the application.
Details ScreenA Workspaces screen showing comprehensive information for a selected Txn. To display the Details Screen, click a Txn in the List Screen.
JMJourney Manager
Key Info CardThe section at the top of the Details Screen that shows key information about the Txn.
List ScreenA Workspaces screen showing a configurable list of Txns available to the logged-in user.
TxnA single item in a List Screen table. The Details Screen shows comprehensive information for a single Txn. Also referred to as a Task.
SLAService Level Agreement
FAQFrequently asked questions
WorkspacesJourney Workspaces