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Version: 20.05

Form Deployment and Security


Before deploying Workspaces as an Open UX form, be sure to address the following in your project.

  1. Ensure the index file for the configuration is updated with all the defined spaces required in the application.
  2. Ensure the application's index file is updated to point to the correct configuration folder.
  3. Ensure the application's locale setting is defined correctly in the index file.

For details, refer to Migration from v19.11 to v20.05.


Before deploying your Form you need to make sure you have a .transact-auth file at the root of your project with the following information. Update the host and the appropriate credentials for that environment.


Then run the following to deploy to that environment.

npm run build:deploy

If JM is behind a proxy, use the following command instead.

npm run build:deploy -- --proxy-host=<host> --proxy-port=<port> --proxy=username=<username> --proxy-password=<password> 

When deploying the Workspaces form to your local JM instance, make sure the URL does not contain /secure/.
For example, http://localhost:9080/workspaces/app/{{ formCode }}/{{ formVersion }}


As of the first deployment of your Form, by default, JM will deploy it to all the Form Spaces that belong to your Organization with the Authenticated and Anonymous mode enabled.

This behavior is expected for normal Open UX forms, but for a Workspaces Form we need to manually restrict access to the Space where Workspaces War file was deployed with Authenticated mode only. To do this:

  1. Select Forms > Forms.
  2. Search for your Form Name and click it.
  3. Click on the Spaces tab, make sure there is only the Workspaces Form Space on the list. If there are more, you will need to remove them.
  4. Click the Edit icon and clear the Anonymous Access checkbox. Only Authenticated Access should be enabled.

If you have renamed the Workspaces form space to a different name, make sure you associate the correct form space to the Workspaces form in the above step.

There is one more step. The Workspaces WAR file comes with default index.htm and logout.htm that need to be updated with the new Form Url, so that all default routes redirect to the new Workspaces Form.

  1. In Journey Manager, select Forms > Form Spaces.
  2. In the list of form spaces, locate the Qorkspaces form space you want to edit and click the Edit icon for that space.
  3. Click on Pages from the tabs, and copy the following template into index.htm and logout.htm replacing {{ formCode }} and {{ formVersion }} respectively.
<head><meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=/workspaces/app/{{ formCode }}/{{ formVersion }}"></head>

You're all set now!

We have built-in standard components, mock data, hot module reloading, state management, i18n, etc. You can continue exploring other documents for more details on those topics.