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Version: 20.05

Form Development


Workspaces is a production-ready solution and component library for creating awesome application review processes that enhance the customer support experience, and provide valuable workgroup management capabilities. The new Workspaces introduces templates and components that follow the Temenos Design System spec, designed to improve the user and development experiences. Workspaces applications are built with React and the Temenos Journey Platform.

Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. With your help, we can progress towards more elegant and better-designed components that will provide you with a better Workspaces experience.


As a Workspaces developer, you will need Node and Git installed on your computer. Workspaces is based on ES2015+, React, Redux, and Material UI. Familiarity with these technologies is recommended but not required.

Installing the Command Line tool

You can install the CLI by following the Transact Open UX Quick Start Guide. or using the commands below.

First, you will need to install the Open UX CLI.

npm install -g @transact-open-ux/cli

Then you will be able to install the template.

transact create --clone --template new-workspaces-project

If you don't have access to the client services GitLab server, you can download the hosted content as a ZIP file from our resources website.


If your project uses a client services CI/CD pipeline for the build and deploy process, Workspaces 20.05 supports an automated build and deployment process. For details, refer to the README that comes packaged with your setup.


A scaffold is provided which includes common configs for development, testing and springboard, and demonstrates the component library. The project layout is as follows.

├── public                  # Public files
├── src
│ ├── configs # Space configurations
│ ├── ├── default # Config for default
│ ├── ├── development # Config for development
│ ├── ├── testing # Config for testing
│ ├── ├── springboard # Config for springboard
│ ├── ├── custom # Custom config
│ ├── fixtures # Mock data/fixtures
│ ├── ├── default # Fixtures for default
│ ├── ├── development # Fixtures for development
│ ├── ├── testing # Fixtures for testing
│ ├── ├── springboard # Fixtures for springboard
│ ├── ├── custom # Custom fixtures
│ ├── locales # i18n Messages
│ ├── index.jsx # App entry
│ ├── react-app-env.d.ts # TypeScript reference for react-scripts
├── # Getting Started
└── .transact-auth # Auth credentials
└── transact-config.json # Transact configuration
└── transact-schema.json # Transact Schema
└── package.json # Dependencies


To start the project using the mock data provided in the repo

$ npm run start

Your Form should start in the console and you should be able to see it on http://localhost:5000


Once you are ready with your Form, you will need to configure JM to use our Form as the default Workspaces Client. For more information, see Form Deployment and Security.