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Version: 22.04

Introduction to Operations Portal

IT operations refers to a set of processes and services provided by a business's IT department to support the business's IT hardware and software. Journey Manager (JM) includes features that support IT operations for Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) solutions. These features allow you to manage and keep track of all transactions associated with user form submissions.

The Operations portal is a new Manager application focused on TJM operations features, and targeted at System Managers and DevOps users responsible for providing operations services. You can use the Operations portal to find transactions and then drill down into transaction details.

Features available in the Operations portal include:

  • Find transactions based on data such as tracking code, form name, and date created.
  • Targeted views for several transaction states including form transactions, saved transactions, and abandoned transactions, as well as assigned tasks.
  • View a transaction's details, grouped by tabs containing custom information cards.
  • View the receipt for a selected transaction.
  • View form XML for a selected transaction.
  • Purge all transaction data or PII data only for selected transactions.
  • Abandon a transaction, and recover an abandoned transaction.
  • Resume a saved transaction.
  • Update the status of a selected transaction.
  • Update the status of several transaction fields including Attachment Status, Form Status, Receipt Status, and Delivery Status, as well as a task's Subject, Message, and Assigned User.
  • View attachments, comments, event logs, error logs and other transactional metadata that are part of a selected transaction.


To deploy and configure the Operations Portal in your JM environment, you need access to the following resources.

  • Journey Manager 22.04 or later.
  • A JM user account with privileges for deploying and configuring WAR files.

Starting from Journey Manager 20.05, the Workspaces WAR file comes bundled with the Journey Manager installation file as an optional package.


If you are deploying Workspaces in a Temenos - Avoka cloud hosting environment, contact the Avoka cloud hosting team for assistance in configuring the Apache proxy settings to access the Workspaces portal after deployment.

Supported web browsers

The Operations Portal has been designed for and tested against the following web browsers.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

For the best Operations Portal experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and that you keep your browser updated, especially through the application of security patches.

While you may be able to access the Operations Portal using other browsers, there's no guarantee that everything will work, and you may not enjoy the same great user experience that is available when using a supported browser. We strongly recommend that you use a supported browser for the best Operations Portal experience.

Known Limitations

Journey Manager allows only one active Workspaces session. You can login to Workspaces based applications on multiple browsers, but only the first browser in which you perform an action will be successful. The second and subsequent browsers in which you attempt an action will report an HTTP 403 Forbidden status code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A comprehensive Workspaces FAQ is available on our documentation website.